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46 thoughts on “Make an Endless Runner”

  1. i like how you explain why you are doing what you did, and not just showing your code, most tutorials get this wrong. the why explanation is how i understand where else i can use it.

  2. Can't you just freeze x or z axis? I mean you don't even need to use position.x = 0. Or am I wrong? I know it's already a year, but still 🙂

  3. im currently trying to make a endless runner game in a 1930s style for fun, when its done i dont know if i will publish it on phone or pc… im not quite there yet becouse i am still designing characters and objects for the game

  4. Hi can you make video on my game It is a free endless running game for the PC.
    Search the game GREEN RUN on the website itch.
    If you make a video I'll advertise you on my twitter and Instagram

  5. I really want to make a game like this where there is 2 versions.

    Version 1 – Crafter
    This version is where you go in an endless game but there are resources every now and then. You use those recourses and you craft them together and you get a new snake.

    Version 2 – Bosses
    Every 3 levels there is a boss. Basically goes on forever, if you die, then you start again. Every boss you kill you get a new snake

  6. If you're trying to make some ad revenue then it is foolish not to publish to ios. ios is comparable in market size, essentially doubling your potential sales, and for only $100/yr, that's nothing compared to the amount of ad revenue you could make with 52 games. I wish you the best of luck, but also think you should seriously reconsider your platforms. Keep in mind it also looks better on a resume if you can say you've published to two mobile platforms, rather than just one, because telling people that you don't publish to ios for the simple reason of, "I don't like it," is silly.

  7. awesome videos ,, idk how long have u been here but subscribing ain't enough ,, definitely gonna watch all ur videos of this kind 😀
    I have a question about security ,, how to save something and make it secure? ,, u definitely have intrigued me in many aspects with ur cool videos!

  8. Hi
    I have made my own mobile game a couple of months ago. its called pixel chase and is available on the app store for ipad. i really wanna make a version for android but the stuff i was taught to c ode in is ios specific 🙁 keep up the good work

  9. I don't know how you managed to have an ad pop up on your video as soon as you talked about ads on your game. But that was amazing lmao

    This is my first self made published game – Tower Fall. It is also an endless runner. Do check it out. Would love your guys' reviews.

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