Marxism V/s Leninism in Hindi / Leninist Marxism in Hindi/Changes in the Principles of Marx by Lenin
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So in today’s video we will know what Vladimir Lenin did in Marxism and how Lenin modifies Marxism with the purpose of introducing socialism in Russia.
From this we will know about Leninism, which is also called lennist marxism
So let’s start again
Leninism can also be called Marxism of the Twenty-Century Century. The thoughts and theories of Qyque Lenin did not come from their fundamental ideology, but Lenin’s ideas presented Marxism as per the twentieth century Therefore it is also called Marxism of the Bismi Century.
It is a difference that proves the marks of both of them in the paper, prove them on paper, or prove it by giving it to the history, but Lenin says what he says is practical in the society, as if he is proven to be concerned about his communal dal. Whether or not there is a thought in relation to the revolution, it proved to be practical by what he said.

When seen, Karl Marx presented extreme ideas for the workers’ hitto in his time. The laborers understand that they deserve to live and they have the knowledge of the condition of their exploitation. Marks present the extreme idea of ​​the revolution, their labors understand their circumstances and do something to improve their condition. And if there is no revolution then at least some improvement will be possible in the life of the laborers. Or move on to the Revolution, make progress from the rising governments,

So Lenin understands all the ideas of Marx but not as an ideal but according to its implementation. For this reason, it was necessary for the model to be applied, it was necessary to do the work, Lenin. By modifying the audiovisuals, leaving the paperwork, Lenin applies to the society. So Lenin sees how many ideas can be applied, and according to his country’s ability to apply in Russia, he modifies Marxism.

So now we will compare the views of Marx and Lenin on one theory, so we will know how Lenin decides how Lenxism influences Marx’s ideas according to Russia’s political and economic conditions. In addition to this, in the 20th Century, all those who had the need to apply Marxism to complete Lenin and lennist marxism bring us in front.

Thinking about the Revolution of Marx – Karl Marx’s Manna was that revolution in a fully industrialized country could be a revolution. In the country where yonikis have been fully industrialized, in this developed country only the labor revolution is possible. Such is the end of the capitalist dispute. Because labor exploitation in such a country is at its charm boundary, and the big capitalists go about eliminating small capitalists. This increases the poor condition of the poor and their number of poor people so that they have the need of revolution in the society to re-equate the reason for revolution and balance the society. And human resources required for revolution are also in the right amount at this time.
It is a matter of saying that Marx was of the opinion that revolution is possible only in the country subjected to capitalists and industrialists.
Next is number four
Nature of society and revolution

Marx believes that social security is a concern.
Revolution takes place in every society from the nature.
  Revolution is a link between human society and human development. Or else you say
  It is a part of an affair of development which will always come in front of the development itself. Or else,
The revolution is always the pattern of the progress of the society.
After much exploitation and prosperity of the rich, the revolution happens. So this can not be quickly or late. The revolution is an essential and integral part of the circle of humanity’s progress in the history of civilization. It automatically opens up with time.
On this, Lenin says that human can bring the revolution quicker or late than its labor.

 Number Five is views about party

Marx says that only the labor force will be the workers of the Yemeni labor unions / the working class and those who constitute the labor force at the level of the companies.
Lenin thinks that the revolution can be brought only by a special dialogue pulse and guidance from the Advocate. All workers will get a movement

Number six
Think about reconciliation with other parties of other countries———————————————-

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  2. Lenin….describe how capitalist classes…exploit working classes….in colonial countries……..and the profit came from those colonial countries…of working class…..lenin give 50% profit to their domestic working classes… satisfy them….because of this their domestic class never feel hatered for capitalist class… dts y lenin proof marx predictions wrong…

  3. No but he battled god saying god was not the real one and he was with his angels (demons) supporting him, he lost and was casted into hell

  4. Very knowledgeable, Indian govt was communist once a time, but now it's pro captalist, mixed economy is the best policy

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    Leninism Marxism poles apart

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