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30 thoughts on “Milky Chance – Eden's House (Stay Home Sessions) #StayHome #WithMe”

  1. Don't ever ever ever stop making this acoustic sessions please… Even if the pandemic ends 🥺 this is too great and Beautiful 💓

  2. I went and looked up the original….. this one is SOOOO much better . They get like 5 views from me alone per 12 hr shift. Keep being great guys 👍🏽💪🏽

  3. Is it possible to be in love with a song? I swear this is all I’ll ever need in my life in order to experience true feelings of joy, serenity & a connection to something greater than myself! Thank you to Milky Chance & to all of the many featured artists who contributed to this! 💓

  4. Hello my friend, i really like your music style video,
    Can u help me how to make video like this.
    Thanks from Indonesia

  5. Milky Chance has helped me with so much, I thank them for making these beautiful, majestic songs, so unique and defined, thank you Milky Chance 🌹♥️

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