Is Minamoto’s expertise skill, and the associated Special Privilege chests worth it in Rise of Civilizations?

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22 thoughts on “Minamoto Expertise AND VIP Special Privilege Worth It? | Rise of Civilizations”

  1. You’ve made a mistake in ur table. U wrote that u will get 290 legendary sculptures, but actually got 270. So I guess it should be about 40k gems less value

  2. does any1 know why in EU we have to pay more € than ppl in the US has to pay $ EVEN THO 1 € is more worth than 1 $?

  3. I have purchased all the VIP packages so far. But I'm still 10 sculptures short on unlocking minamoto expertise. Which is a lot of money. Ha. So how the heck do I get the last 10 sculptures?? I'm so confused.

  4. The reason you don't feel a big boost is because Mina ends the fight faster do Cao heals happen less. If it were a longer battle you would see a large difference

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