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Minecraft 1.9 hacked Client download :
hacked client installation tutorial for 1.9 :
Keybinds for Wurst 1.9 (coded by Alexander) :

FastPlace: F
Flight: G
Freecam: U
Fullbright: C
/home: H
Killaura: R
Nuker: L
Sneak: Z
X-Ray: X

.addalt: Adds a player or all players on a server to your alt list.
.annoy: Annoys a player by repeating everything he says.
.bind: Changes a keybind or lists all keybinds.
.clear: Clears the chat completely.
.fastbreak: Changes the settings of FastBreak or toggles it.
.gm: Types “/gamemode “.
.help: Shows the command list or helps you with a command.
.ip: Tells you the IP of the server you are playing on.
.nuker: Changes the settings of Nuker or toggles it.
.rv: Toggles RemoteView or makes it target a specific entity.
.say: Sends a chat message, even if the message starts with a dot.
.search: Changes the settings of Search or toggles it.
.stats: Lists some facts about the Wurst client.
.taco: Made for WiZARDHAX.
.t: Toggles a command.

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48 thoughts on “Minecraft 1.9 – 1.9.X : Hacked Client – Wurst ! – The Force OP Client is back !”

  1. du kannst ja deutsch deshalb schreib ich es auf deutsch wenn ich es installieren will muss ich ein passwort eingeben aber woher soll ich das wissen ?

  2. thanks friend for doing this tutorial because in fact I wanted to avenge those hakers that killed me using this hack

  3. its lame that there is commands thet require creative mode even when you can do exactly what that command does without even hacking

  4. can you help me i have download this hack but when i want to join a server its always disconnected me but if i play using my normal 1.9 version of minecraft its not disconnected me

  5. Never subscribing because you swear. So good luck. (Not) Guys, don't subscribe to people just because they swear! Only subscribe if the video helps, or is entertaining and the youtuber helps you or is just fun to watch. So ya. This is Minecraft, a children's game! (Sorta) Why would you swear in a video about a children's game! I mean really? That's messed up!

  6. I LOVE ALL OF YOUR VIDS. YOU KNOW WHY? BECAUSE U DONT LIE. for any hacking things ive always came 2 u. tanks for minecraft and Pokemon Go Hacks. u are 100% trust worthy

  7. Some things I want to use but unsure about on wurst 4.0
    1. Can I use regen?
    2. Can I use max range on killaura
    Answer nice please! 🙂

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