And OUT recently ! Minecraft PC 1.15 vs ??? :

Minecraft PC 1.13.2 Vs MineCraft Pocket Edition 1.9
Hey guys today I publish this video, where I show all the differences between Minecraft PC 1.13.2 and Minecraft PE 1.9!
I hope you enjoy this video, share it with your friends that probably don’t know all differences to surprise them!

*In the Trees part I switched the logo version in the bottom-right*
*Sorry for the mistake*

NowVisitableThePlayList_MC vs MC➤


(Link Download MCPE):

(Link Download Apk “All versions” ):

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K-391 – Boombox 2012 (Intro):

1 – C418 – Sweden (Caution & Crisis Remix):

2 – C418 – Cat (Caution & Crisis Remix):

3 – MineCraft Remix – Calm 3 Chillstep:

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