Interview Minh Ngo, co-founder Memory Express – Part 1
The beginnings of Memory Express. The win-win working relationship with other computer stores in town in the beginning. The secret of the “Express” in Memory Express. The surprising story of their first desk and first computer (hint: they were truly “priceless” (free, in a surprising way, big smile)).


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8 thoughts on “Minh Ngo, co-founder Memory Express – Part 1”

  1. First of all, I don't work for Memory Express. What do you mean by "disappoint"? Did you contact their customer service and get help from them? I can only speak from my experience and they have always been helpful on all my purchases and even when I had to return things.

  2. I don't work for Memory Express. But until they open a store, you can order online and I think they even have free shipping depending on the weight of the item.

  3. Hello Sir ive always wanted to work for the Edmonton Stores and i have no idea how to bypass the managers to get the job they just misjudge me and wont hire.

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