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Insipired by Wendover Production, Half As Interesting, Real Life Lore.


[Money Heist Predictions that will Shock you (Season 5)]

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37 thoughts on “Money Heist Predictions that will Shock you (Season 5)”

  1. how about the gold? im wondering how will they escape with gold. maybe they will flow in small tube coz the gold is very small round

  2. I think that the spinoff would be the professor will die and Berlin will show up to finish the heist and save the gang. Berlin is the next intellectual member next to professor. He knows the plan well. If they will going to kill the professor in S5, they will bring back Berlin to take charge at desperate time. Otherwise, it will be completely useless to takedown the brain of the gang.

  3. I can tell you haven’t watched money heist. And if you did you definitely didn’t pay attention. Tokyo didn’t date Denver. Denver didn’t get captured. She dated rio. Tokyo didn’t brake up with rio he broke up with him. I can tell you haven’t watched it b

  4. I don't think so they will end up in jail cause when professor said it's war between them and system so they might die but can't be in jail because they will fight for last second 🙄🙄

  5. I think you are forgetting the profesor is a f***ing ninja with glasses 😏😏, but also if he lives he will plan another heist.

  6. I want the gang win this war!!!!!and alicia sierra,arturo roman and the police died for the final season!!!!!the professor and raquel will get married and have their children and they live happily ever after and the gang members will live a normal and happy life!!!!!

  7. I wonder what will be the plan to escape bank of spain bcz they told the plan to escape the mint in S1 and it's S4 and they didn't even talked about escaping from there is they gonna stay there for life Time lol😂

  8. Who told tokyo is the most hated character after arturo gandia is the most hated after arturo and i love tokyo and many of them too she is also hated by many lol 🤣

  9. Lisbon betrayal would be very cleashade so if that will happens , it would be v annoying.. better if berlin will come back and they all live happy but without professor , professor death would be sad painful and justified..

  10. We all wish nothing will happen to the crew and no death from gang we wish only police will be take damaged amen they all will be alive only police will take damage amen proffesor will not die he ill take over seirra and she might join crew or her babycoming out proffesor will help her and she ill join crew or marsille will come from behind and catch or benjamin and his team will surround sierra or proffesor will tell about berlin and sierra will tell he was my husband and help with heist amen this happens plz netflix and money heist

  11. The lockdown has given the director more than 6 months to work on season 5. He definitely would have thought of what we didn't, just like the professor. So it's definitely gonna be a banger. Let's wait and watch.

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