Money Heist Season 5 Theories and Season 6
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46 thoughts on “Money Heist Season 5 Theories and Season 6?”

  1. I think one thing that is going to happen for sure at some point in season 5 or 6 is Denver finding out that he’s related to Tokyo. I don’t know about you guys but I was more confused that shocked when I found out Tokyo was Denver’s mom in season 3(when Denver’s dad was dying) so Denver is gonna find out somehow and that will create a lot of tension/anger/violence.

  2. I think professor might help her deliver her baby. Then she joins the team. Or she joins the team and betrays them. Then later regret it. Surely if that happens, she will be Arturo's blood.

  3. As season 5 is the final season, I believe Tokyo will be the only survivor. Because she is the only narrator and she explaining the crimes to the police or other cell mates in prison

  4. My thought is Alicia will kill the professor because connect the dots they say that Tokyo is the last alive and when the professor is gone a lot bad happens.

  5. Tatiana is not Alicia as she was in a relationship with Berlin and Alicia’s husband died 2 months ago. Also They would all knoe

  6. Alicia is not a villain!

    so apple has a rule that says if any show or movie wants to use our products in their stuff they should not have the bad guys to use the products and sense she has an iphone she's not a villain!

    I have no idea how this makes sense…

  7. People be expecting her to join the team where everyone's furious about the torturing of Rio. hell nah

    I don't think tge writers will go that way though, they've already done that with Lisbon.

  8. Everyone talking about tokyo being the narrator and could be the main character but whaf if it was recording of tokyo she made because all of the team slowly started to get caught or get killed and she made it for someone or nairobi's son so he could get the money of her mother without any doubt and he brings up a team to save the remaining team and this would bring more episodes and more heist?? Just a crazy theory.?!?@?@

  9. Alisia and Tatiana can be same as alisia says her husbands name is Germany and the capital of Germany is BERLIN hence Tatiana and Alisa are same 🤞🤞

  10. I really think that Alicia Sierra will side with them. I think Apple has this contract where villains cannot use any apple product, and you could see Alicia Sierra used an Iphone X when she was interrogating Lisbon.

  11. Alicia could be Tatiana but Berlin wouldn't be the baby's father since he died in the first heist, which was either two or three years before the heist in parts 3 and 4. That would make the fact that Alicia's husband's name was German irrelevant

  12. What if alicia is a traitor and join the professor group and the police will track her bc she has a phone and they will find professor's base and that would be all a plan so she can have her job back or smth

  13. No way she kills him. Doesn’t really seem like a hard situation for the professor to get out of. She is not tatiana, she can’t be. Raquel said saw knew her husband when she was being interrogated. She would know it’s Berlin, but she could be her sister/twin….

  14. Possible theories
    1. Tokyo is telling Thai to nairobis son after everyone dies
    2. Tokyo telling this story in jail with everyone dead
    3. Alicia is the sister of berlins ex wife maybe
    4. The child of Stockholm is actually of Denver’s

  15. Y’all really thinking about the negative and go with her being in jail and all the crew dead well……
    Maybe She’s telling a story on stage or in a documentary on how they made the Dali mask a symbol.

  16. Theory… Alicia is Tatiana..she was undercover but ended up falling for Berlin. Berlin and her had some embryos created because they knew he was dying… her undercover name is Santiago. She had the embryos inserted when Berlin died… she will join the gang but they will never know if shes a double agent or not

  17. I think in next we will see the negotiations between Lisbon in bank and Alicia in den. Professor kept hostage. After some time her water breaks and professor helps her. Or professor is reached by merseilles and miners. And team is back in game. Alicia dies and her baby is kept by team named Nairobi.

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