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a collab with @vynajrnls ! also @vynsjrnls on instagrams ❤️ go check her video out!

i enjoyed the #BANGBANGCON so much and i’m super grateful i was able to experience it 🥺 it might be an online concert but it still feels official to me..

❣️links to the fanmade tickets+wristbands

@rchives_ (yellow wristband)

@outro_liz (bts tickets)

@minyoonbri (bangbangcon tickets+wristband+vip pass)

@boraborav95 (bangbangcon tickets)

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jeff kaale x spencer – friday
jeff kaale x spencer – monday
jeff kaale – cookie
jeff kaale – pillow talk
dj quads – missing someone
dj quads – fun time

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32 thoughts on “my bts bangbangcon experience 🌈 // vlog #2”

  1. Where I’m from the concert actually started at 8:00 pm and I had to stay up all night! But it’s okay I would do anything for them. ☺️💜

  2. I love extra u were with the tickets and wrist bands XD I was laying in my bed at 4:30 am with my armybomb sleep drunk chanting to the performances XD

  3. I watched Bang Bang Con only for like 2 hours because the concert started very early in the morning. I woke up at like 4-5AM (when the concert started) to watch it but I was very tired to watch the whole concert. ㅠㅇㅠ

  4. thank you so much for 300 subscribers! i hope i get to provide more enjoyable content for everyone 🙂 stay safe and take care!

  5. Omg so cute aesthetic! I wish I can edit like you! It’s obviously better than how I edit. What?!? You’re from the ph too?!? Omg subbed! I really hope that we can be friends!

  6. AHHH This is so wholesome! 🥰 Loved that you made it feel like going to the real thing, and not just online~ The day before attending a con is always so nerve-racking and super exciting at the same time, and I felt that in your vlog 💖 Those tickets, wrist band and passes look LEGIT! 😍 I only watched the LY concert part of bangbangcon~ Couldn't get myself to see the HYYH Epilogie and Wings concerts 'cause I might cry! (I attended both concerts here in the Philippines, and all the feels might come rushing back 😭) Anyway, really really enjoyed this! Just subbed your channel btw~ Looking forward to watch more of your videos, and also hoping we can become friends 😊 Keep safe and stay healthy, and have a lovely weekend! 🌸✨

  7. Oh my gosh wooow this iiiis superrr creative andnd everything's just super super adorable and cuuute like whaaat huhu you even printed the tickets and bands huhuhu waaahh 🤧🤧💖💖💖💖

  8. Bang bang con is perfect in every way 🥳 its a good thing bighit did that 🥰 also I live for this video ~~~ its too aesthetic ~~~

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