Netflix’s latest dating reality show is now available to watch in full on the streaming service! In Too Hot To Handle, a group of sex-obsessed serial daters are given the impression that they’re about to have the time of their lives at a tropical resort, hooking up with whoever they want. Trouble is, little do they know, there are some rules in place during this getaway – no kissing, sex or self-gratification.

Just in case you missed my review of Too Hot To Handle, I loved it. Yes, there’s a lot of outlandish behavior, but the show also highlights the importance of personal growth. It’s wildly entertaining from start to finish, and certainly leaves you in a place where you truly feel invested in the contestants and their experiences. 

Need a little more convincing that Too Hot To Handle is worth a go? Let’s meet one of the show’s stars, Nicole. It took everything I had not to ask her about the juicy details of what goes down over the course of the show’s eight-episode run, but know that this interview is entirely spoiler free! You can either watch or read our chat below to find out how much she really knew about the Too Hot To Handle format before filming, what it was like getting used to having cameras around 24/7, the lasting impact of the experiment, and so much more!

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