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NEW KATARINA IS… INTERESTING.. (PENTAKILL) – Katarina Rework Season 11 Gameplay – LoL

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48 thoughts on “NEW KATARINA IS… INTERESTING (PENTAKILL) – Katarina Rework Season 11 Gameplay – LoL”

  1. So gunblade is removed in season 11 which means Riot gave Katarina a mini-rework where now EVERY ABILITY PROCS ON-HIT EFFECTS, INCLUDING HER ULTI

  2. tbh on the new kat you don't even need a mythic item. Just build bork, nashars tooth, and litch bane, run dark harvest and you will one shot them or if they are low enough to proc dark harvest your e will 1 shot. I don't even know if you would still need sorcs to do it, and you fill the last 2 with hourglass and GA.

  3. I canceled my subscribe to Redmercy channel just because of the clickbaits, maybe if everyone did the same he will get the message

  4. Kinda late but, I just wanna say to all the ppl trying to play kat is that q e w is just atleast for clearing waves(makes your e have more cd. I'd suggest e w q r to make people uninstall their game

  5. Redmercy: has all abilities, uses Q > E > W on minions instead of killing cait
    Also Redmercy: "Bro im on cooldowns I cant go in man.."

  6. old kata was an annoying piece of shit sometimes but she made sense and needed some skill to play. The rework was uncalled for and made her feel unfair.

  7. I thing the game volume was too loud to your own I couldn't hear you over the rift harrold. Would ad itens be better like tiamatte?

  8. Appart from Pyke being lowkey toxic on a PBE game, 15:06 there's something wrong with Katarina's death animation XD

  9. i disliked ur video because i saw the filker at 0:13 seconds and i wanted to land on it, but it was too fast. who do you think i am, faker?
    Ps please tell me what was on that frame my OCD is killing me.

  10. grasp katarina with iceborn gauntlet and blackcleaver plus shojin. ah yes katarina is now a weird version of riven. life is good

  11. Is there any other sort of mage item that gives spell vamp/life steal now? So weird to get rid of gunblade. I wonder what the reasoning is?

  12. I love the fact whenever Red talks about game balance or starts ""flaming"" he immediately says "with all due respect" right after to appease the Riot Gods.

  13. Kats q itself doesnt apply onhit effects her passive spin e annd r do they just made revolver and most of the items like that apply on abilities.

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