Apple’s new products were expected to launch at a March event alongside an iPhone SE sequel and new AirPods.

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44 thoughts on “New MacBook Air and iPad Pros, but where's that iPhone 9?”

  1. I actually liked this video quite a bit. Not as slick as the usual scripted ones, but a bit more personal. It would be nice to see a few more like this one.

  2. Thank you for coming up with new content,even in these times , really appreciate you guys for making new content in one way or the other and giving us entertainment 😊. Keep rocking 👍🏻.

  3. I kinda like that we're getting to see inside all these lovely homes. That wall space carved out for the television is very nice.

  4. If people need to know why products have not been released yet and state the obvious of why it's released only online… You guys are sad!

  5. The iPhone 9 is already out but not in store my dad has early access to electronics so he has so it will be coming out. (AkA he has it and it’s coming out)

  6. I recently read that Apple has a shortage of iPhones to lend to customers when they take in their existing iPhone for repair. Instead of getting the same model, everyone is lent an iPhone 8. I think that Apple have probably already stopped production of the iPhone 8. I believe that their shortage of iPhones will force them to ship iPhone 9s because they are the only iPhone that they have abundant stock of.

  7. With all the CNET host doing their own video in their home, will we see them opening their own channel respectively? I would say that is one of the good thing with the "staying home" phenomenon resulted from COVID-19. Remote work is becoming better is most companies, which is a really good thing overall. We do need this kind of push once in a while to make a change in the industry.

  8. OMG great job this is your best episode ever! I loved it because your delivery is so much more natural and engaging. Do Apple Core this way every time 🤗 😍😘 stay safe well done

  9. This style of the video and setting is so munch better (informative and relaxed) compared to the formal studio video 👍🏽

  10. The new iPad looks sad I think I’ll pass not a big update at all no 5G and the chips sounds old-school

  11. Various scientific studies have found that all the f*** devices contain more germs than toilet seats. And are often held up to eyes, noses and lips – key points for the coronavirus to enter the body, stay safe.

  12. Great Video Vanessa! I hope everyone is doing well in quarantine!
    Stay safe and stay healthy everyone.
    And yea btw I'm not going to get any of these devices 😭

  13. Can it replace your laptop?
    here's hoping that people don't keep focusing so much on this question and look at this for what it is.
    it is a tablet computer and should be reviewed as such.
    and while it can be the only computer many people need/want,
    it is not meant/supposed to replace everyone's laptop, Apple still sells laptops it runs iPadOS not MacOS.

  14. It's disappointing that the iPad Pro still has an A12, when Apple is gonna launch iPhone with A14 this summer

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