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0:00 Intro
0:27 QOTD
1:10 Icebox
3:17 Quality of life Changes
4:51 Singularity Skins
6:42 Deathmatch Changes
8:07 New Battle pass
8:59 Skye (Oct 27th)
9:53 Competitive Changes
11:30 S TIER
14:02 A TIER
15:58 B TIER
18:28 C TIER
19:15 Outro

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43 thoughts on “NEW UPDATE: BEST Agents TIER List – Valorant Patch 1.10 – Act 3”

  1. I think people are sleeping on viper. I think with good coordination you could definitely do some big brain things with her kit.

  2. Can you imagine being able to sell weapons your team bought you and get them into your own wallet? I wonder if the first round would just be 2 fully stacked players and everyone else has classics

  3. I never understood why the elo you get in matches depends on individual performance. It should be independent of that in all ranks.

  4. Killjoy B-tier is kind of a troll, her Ult can win rounds, her touret is nuts and the nanoswarms are still good to clear corners

  5. Unpopular opinion:

    Jett shouldn't be S

    Top of a but she really isn't op. You need great aim to get value out of her ult. Her smokes are some of the hardest to use but still viable. Her tailwind and updraft is good but very noisy. A great agent but not s tier

  6. I think Killjoy is still good, even after the Nanoswarm Nerf. She is so good on Icebox (Cypher not really). I think you can play Killjoy more aggressive than Cypher. For example: Ascent A Site: Alarmbot with Nanoswarm and me camping in the corner with my Turret (works every time) What is your main?

  7. I will edit this list with skye when she comes out

    12. Viper
    11. Sage
    10. Brimstone
    9. Reyna
    8. Killjoy
    7. Raze
    6. Pheonix
    5. Sova
    4. Jett
    3. Breach
    2. Omen
    1. Cypher

    and I also predict that in the future omen will become better than cypher

  8. How about making something that people stop playing at their smurf who just crushes every game 🙄 too hard to climb with bunch of idiot duelist who cant entry frag and bot fragger while enemy have bigass smurf

  9. Can someone explain why Cypher is better than Killjoy
    Like yea All of killjoy's abilities can be destroyed but Cyphers tripwire and camera can also
    Sure his ult can be used at any time but if ur fighting against someone better than his ult is kinda useless.
    Alrambot is better than his tripwire cause its 360 rather than one point
    Then the fact that u can also shoot his camera before he even has a chance to use it
    like it just makes no sense to me.

  10. please help me i cant open my game after the platform status every time i open my game my pc automatically rebooot please help me

  11. Hear me out, insane buff idea. Let Viper heal herself a little bit in her toxic smokes cuz she could use any help she can get

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