Improbable, complicated and distinct, Lee Nguyen’s rise to stardom required persistence and resilience.

Director Alfonso Bui’s documentary shows how a small Vietnamese-American kid from Texas became one of the most dynamic and productive playmakers in MLS history.

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48 thoughts on “NGUYENing | The Lee Nguyen Story”

  1. Now, him playing in VN, play ball at VLeaque harder MLS very much, because player VN run not tactics :))), play tangled :v and kungfu kick critical dame T_T

  2. Tôi thấy báo chí nhắc đến anh ấy và tôi tìm đến đây để tìm hiểu anh ấy là ai. Tuyệt vời

  3. Im from vietnam. I'm proud of him. I hope, he will play well at HCM club. I go to the stadium everyweek so that i can watch him play.

  4. It would be a miracle to pick up one of the great midfielders in U.S. history…..but I would love to see him running the show down in Birmingham, Alabama for Jay Heaps in the U.S.L.

  5. He will return to V-League at the age of 34. The place that tarnished his talent in his best years. Hope all the best come to him.

  6. Epic father, epic family, epic player. How Viet Nam could ever forgive us for what we did, on lies, to their country shows just how much humanity their hearts hold. Long live the Vietnamese people!!

  7. what will happend if Lee can play for Vietnam national team? Maybe it will be like Son in Korean national team? I can't imagine that

  8. i have a similar story soccer was the first thing my mom enrolled me into at the age of 5…but along my childhood and adolescent years she had me try out all sorts of other stuff from hockey to ice skating, swimming, boy scouts, all sorts of stuff but the only thing that remained through it all in the background was soccer. at age 27 im still enjoying the beautiful game playing it every week with friends.

  9. Why dont you play for vietnam man? We need some star players in our lineup. Although playing for america does give you more chances in world levels so…

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