Greatest chapter in Wano, PERIOD!!!
(Apologies for the abrupt end, YouTube’s bots at it’s finest….😑)

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5 thoughts on “One Piece Chapter 976 LIVE Reaction #onepiece976”

  1. Cant blame kid and law for jealous shocking face yohoho…its just jinbei yoooowwww
    With a bounty of 438 mil.
    Hes just the captain of sun pirates
    Hes just an allied of whitebeard
    Hes just an alllied of bigmom pirates
    Hes just a shichibukai
    And now hes joining the strawhat crewwwww for the helmsman position…yoooowww….sorry law and kid luffy wins with a grand fleet…yohohhohohohoho…

  2. You did said or shown nothing wrong for the so-called "Almighty" YouTube algorithm to once again prune your live stream reaction again! Nothing seen or said by anyone else in chat warranted the erasure!

    Such madness, such foolishness.
    Vergil, take it away, please!

    [Yamamoto dimensional slash]

    Vergil: " Foolishness,YouTube…foolishness… "

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