A fiction compilation of our King Lee Min Ho and Queen Kim Go Eun’s Live Video turned into a Facetime convo! Second Part

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41 thoughts on “PART 2 FACETIME: Lee Min Ho & Kim Go Eun talks about Pachinko, Untact and Movielog! (English Sub)”

  1. Thank you so much for the time you put into making these videos for us . It fill my heart with happiness for them . We could only pray that all this comes about for real . So much hate and problems in life , sometimes make love and happiness past us by . Being famous comes with a price . But to be strong and truly believe in what you want could only bring you happiness . What Heavenly father has put together , nothing or no one can take apart . God's richest blessings to KGE and LMH love you guys always .

  2. I pity on these stars, their privacy is all ruined. Correct use of technology is appreciated but not for spreading negative or faulty news to gain attention. Do I like lee min ho? so don't want to hear any false news. 💕💕💕

  3. Love is pure when both person share the same affection for each other continue to be bliss for the big day long over drew LOVE, from Jamaica

  4. Lee min ho kamu umurnya sama kaya anak aku 1987 anak aku udah punya anak dua kamu kapan dong berumah tangga da mempunyai anak amin

  5. Se toca demasiado el cabello, pero se ve que es tierno y entre más años más interesante y mejor actor. Es buen partido.

  6. korean actor and actress do like this bating there fans its all scripted as what we saw thats there style in there entertainment industry but in real life its different..

  7. Wow thank GOD that they are really a real couple. So all fans all over the world are so happy. Nothing to worry we will support you both and on your wedding day and have family and kids. A million thanks that you are in love in real life. Congratulations to both of you

  8. I love this couple at least they know what they want they never hide their feeling towards one another and what's the use of hiding it fans are loving it. On the other hand, the other couple keeps on denying their relationship and it is obvious they are in a relationship.

  9. The truth they're Lee Min Ho and Kim go eun live IG for each other. I saw the truth video at VIOLET REAL Channel. Lee Min Ho and Kim go eun never do FaceTime!!

  10. OMG, I can’t help smiling with these two lovely talented artists. You can see and feel their love for each other. Such a beautiful way of expressing your feelings even apart from each other. Thanks to our technology, everything is possible to get connected wherever you are. Would love to see Lee Min Ho & Kim Go Eun happiness, success together in life. Love and peace…Thank you for sharing.

  11. I felt very tickle and gigle when they talking Thank you God For this wonderful conversation I shall pray to the Lord Jesus Christ that soon you are going to married soon love you both from the The king Eternal Monarch from the Philippines thank you Lazada.

  12. We are so proud of you Oppa coz you're the best korean couples. That we know in the enter tainment world. Thanks for being true to yourselves.

  13. Congratulations! To uur dear Oppa Lee min ho and Kim Go Eun. Your the best korean couplede that are destined. Real love is really a blessing up there. God Bless always!!

  14. im so happy that this couple are so in love & very sweet 💏💘 as a supporter can we just be happy for them and im happy that they have plans to make thier relationship into another level getting married, i just pray that they remain faithful towards each other💖💕❤🙏

  15. We wish you to be a real couple hope you will get married soon. All fans are so exited to see you both as a real couple

  16. We love to hear them that they plan to get married. All fans are very much happy. Hope to see you soon to get married

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