Pheng Vannak News Reacts To Sam Rainsy

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Thanks so much for your supporting coming and watching my political videos about the current situations of Cambodia relating HUN SEN, SAM RAINSY, KEM SOKHA, EBA, CPP and CNRP. These events are useful for you all recognizing what is happening in the society of Cambodia that most of my videos are to be made a comment by James Sok, So Naro, Khan Sovan, Pheng Vannak… I do hope everything goes well and provide useful videos for you all. Thank you!!!


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One thought on “Pheng Vannak News Reacts To Sam Rainsy”

  1. ពួកអាផ្កាប់មុខហ្នឹង វាមិនបានចម្រើនទេ ពួកអាមើលងាយខ្មែរ ដូនតាខ្មែរនិងដាក់បណ្ដាសា ឲ្យពួកវាជួបតែក្ដីវិនាសព្រាត់ប្រាស់ បែកបាក់

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