Please the Gods on Steam:

Journey to the land of the Gods in this atmospheric turn-based indie RPG. Vanquish deadly beasts of Finnish mythology, survive in the unforgiving wilderness and earn the favour of the ancient pagan Gods!

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14 thoughts on “Please the Gods – (Mythological Turn-Based Adventure Game)”

  1. 7:00 I presume "earthfolk" is their weird translation for "maahinen". More common translation would've been gnome or something (technically a type of elf). They're IIRC malicious fae who trick and trap people into the fae realm, never to be seen again. Supposedly related to the swedish Vittra.

  2. Those deer were not going to last. At best it would be like doing the deal with the Water Merchants in Fallout 1: It gives you more time.
    At worst they might be too far away from home to even bring them home.

  3. Nookrium. Pls try "Seer Isle". It's a pretty game. But it's a visual novel.

    But I'm sure u will like it. Except if you're not a type that like story. But if u like dwarf fortress(that means u like the depth of story), I think u will also like "seer isle".

  4. I'm sorry but… That story is soooooo bad….
    First of all, it's only his own family, 1 wife and 2 kids, that are starving in their forest cottage. Well, how about this insanely irresponsible father simply venture out and hunt a freakin boar or deer instead of embarking on a 2 year journey based on a vision in a dream?
    Secondly, even if we accept the premise of the vision, how anti-climactic that the entire reason to find that endless provider of food and riches, is just for his own tiny family in the middle of nowhere… Not a kingdom, not an empire, nah just 1 random guy in the woods want to have a magical artefact sitting in his closet.
    This story not only makes no sense, it also feels extremely anticlimactic.

  5. I swear I had a blind date with the water hag thing a few weeks ago. I totally rolled boxcars and did not order desert.

  6. “You sneak up on an unaware rabbit.” “Shoot 'em.” ”Yeah, take that, buddy!” So vengeful, Nook. Some earthfolk and wolves attack you, and you're out to make those rabbits pay for the crimes of the forest!

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