Abhay ‘xhade’ Urkude has come on live stream with ex-team captain Binks69 to confess using hacks while playing Valorant to gain unfair advantages over enemies. The hacks in question are wall-hacks which help players to identify locations of enemies. Xhade also claims he did not use the hacks during the tournament organised by TheEsportsClub in January 2021 where he played from Binks’ team ParaTroops. Abhay was 19 years old when he decided to buy hacking programs online.

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44 thoughts on “Professional Gamer Abhay 'xhade' Urkude Confesses to Hacking | Valorant Hacking Incident 2021”

  1. We're doing a poll to know your opinion on whether to take down this video or not.

  2. Why tf you call someone a pro when he/she is hacking in an online competitive game.
    This is why I stopped taking gaming serious and esports will never be a true sport since even in real sports which is physical have cheaters (doping,ball tampering,match fixing,etc) online gaming no need to explain,but this does not mean there are no honest players/pros it just they are very few and can be counted when compared to cheaters who are like the starts in the sky ,millions of them with multiple accounts.

  3. we all should agree that its the hackers who ruin our mood and give a new rise of hackers saying its fun, so xhade could have been a radiant someday but now his chances r ruined

  4. Guys we shouldn't be let down by these kinda players. India literally has the 2nd largest population and hackers like these are expected. India has a lot of potential.

  5. Valorant cheaters are way too common. You will have one in at least 50% of your ranked games, you just have to hope they are on your team. Just google search valorant hacks and you will find over 10 websites that sell working valorant hacks. Riot is simply letting this game go to $%#@. And remember to always disable vanguard any time you arent playing because it is intrusive to your system and OBVIOUSLY doesnt work to stop cheaters.

  6. Yes yes yes, being a suspicious is entirely different category of gameplay like flusha, but being a chariot onto the the mainstream is devastating is definitely noticeable , you just simply rely on the fact "that's a new talent" a coin has two sides, and you should always figure it out, the reason I m saying this is cause of my experience in this field

  7. "There are so many hackers therefore why can't i also be one?"
    "Was desperate to reach the top rank"

    The fck logic made by those who were caught red-handed

    If he's still playing after being suspended then it'll be much worse bcoz he's evading punishment.

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