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This album was great!
My 1st Taeyeon album!

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32 thoughts on “Reacting to Taeyeon's "What Do I Call You" ALBUM! Listen Party!”

  1. If you want to see exo moments with SM Girl Groups react to this links. You'll see their friendship.
    EXO and Red Velvet are actually close friends: https://youtu.be/BGhE8EsJdTU
    EXO and Red Velvet Moments: https://youtu.be/xW-767PF3_Q
    EXO and SNSD moments: https://youtu.be/VklLXeIyWFk
    EXO and f(x) moments: https://youtu.be/kgAbpUzYVzk

    she almost cry most of the time singing this song, so do I as the listener and this song has the best bridge ever…highly recommended 😉😉😉

  3. I enjoyed your review of her album. My favorite song on here is GALAXY. I like it because it is a soothing and and calming song.

  4. Playlist reminds me of another beside from her called City Love … just the atmosphere and her vocals

    Overall the whole mini album is simply PERFECT, just like the rest of her discography

  5. Taeyeon said that she wanted to make this album more like comfortable to listen and lighthearted for people who are exhausted under the Covid situation. She didn't want to do heartbreaking sad dong for now. She's really caring and always want to comfort people with her music:)

  6. Wow! Thankyou for this reaction to taeyeon love it😊 as always king taeyeon never disappoint us in her musics♥
    She wrote to the moon with the inspiration of zero and her bestfriend honestly i love all the songs in this albums and it's my fave mini album of her so far♥♥♥ Again thankyou for your reactions♥♥♥

  7. As a SONE, I'm super elated that you love SNSD and Taeyeon now. <3
    If you like smol vocalists, then you might also really like Lee Hi. IIRC, she was only 15 when she came out with "1234" and she sounded like a grown woman with soul. I think she would really impress you.

  8. Has Sir Austin been introduced to Queen Chung Ha? Please tell me it exists. If not, please check out a couple of her newest videos 'Stay Tonight MV' and 'Dream of You (Performance).' She is amazing and is steering Kpop in a wonderful direction.

  9. Please react to Gfriend Yuju, she is one of the best kpop vocalist along side taeyeon, IU, apink eunji, red velvet Wendy, blackpink rose. She is highly underrated for her vocal technique and range.

  10. You should check out taeyeon's "all with you" and EXO-CBX's "for you" it is both ost for the drama SCARLET HEART where BAEKHYUN is in and more other hot boys recommending to watch it after 100 days my prince♡

  11. I agree 100% about ‘To the moon’ 😭 when the teaser dropped for that song it reminded me so much of Ariana with the adlibs, super upfront harmonies and the “yuh”s all throughout. It’s such a good vibey song and she composed and wrote the majority of it herself 💗 I’m really in love with this album

  12. I think you should listen to Sorrow by Taeyeon, it’s a great song and it’s from her Japanese album #GirlsSpkOut 😊

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