Given their 20 year age difference, there are plenty of red flags with #ScottDisick and #SofiaRichie’s relationship. I’ll talk about age gaps in dating and why #oldermen can be completely toxic and traumatic…but #YOUNGERguys are the way to go!
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41 thoughts on “RED FLAGS OF SCOTT DISICK & SOFIA RICHIE: Age Gaps in Dating—Why Older Men Can Be Toxic!”

  1. I think people put too much importance on your age number rather than your personality or experience. Like it really defines who you are or how you’ll treat others based on your number. I know people who are twenty years younger than me and they are more stable/together than I am, for sure more than I was when I was their age. On the flip side I know people who are my age or older and they are a fucking mess.

  2. Dated an older guy, he lied to me though. Literally it sounded like he had his life together and he didn’t. He was a complete mess. Was already taking to me about having babies when we were just talking. I was like ??? What the fuck. Saying he wanted to be the at stay at home dad and I could go off and work😂😂 I was like excuse me Dustieeee???

  3. list of things I've done
    at 15(almost 16) finished all my exams and moved from my home town and got a place at college
    16 just about 17 got my college diploma in performing arts (finished a year earlier) and got my first acting job on a closed set at 17 took on 3 part-time job s as a cleaner, waitress, and salesperson in retail and also looked after both my aunt and uncle when they needed recovery from the hospital as well as doing a successful season of a theatre show in the summer (am-dram production of the importance of being Ernest ) and selected student films while sending resumes left-right and center to agencies in my home country and across the pond and just when I turned 18 landed a high-end agency spot and now at 19 (almost 20) I'm rubbing shoulders with people in higher circle s in the industry and on my way to making my own show that I not only wrote and created between audions and part-time work but will also be starring in as one of the main characters but pitched myself to a highly respected producer of a high-end well-known production company (before lockdown: further meetings are happening in early 2021 ). I have been through hell and back to get to where I am if you only knew what I've been through to get this far you wouldn't say I'm immature (which even though you didn't directly say it is what you were alluding too you just dressed it up ) I'm dating a guy 31 years older than I am and he is more stable than my own parents my own flesh and blood and there around the same age as him he's sweet he's kind works his ass off has no addiction issues and is emotionally stable and he would never and i mean never manipulate me because i wouldn't stand for it he knows I'm not to be messed about with because of my past also as far as money goes neither of us have to rely on one or the other for money because both of us earn what we need independently so no scrounging from either party that way so no problem there also as far as sex goes we have had the same amount of partners that way (3) the only thing that is different about the both of us is he has a daughter from his previous relationship and he is a loving and doting father to her . so to conclude i understand its not always this way bu t i would say you need to look at this by a case by case basis because you dont know who your splitting up and damaging one of the best relationships they are ever going to have im not giving up on this relationship i dont care if the void of hell come to swallow me whole ive been there before i can get out again i also know the shortcut .if the adults in question are legal and concenting quit bugging them and telling them they are wrong thats what creates problems and second guessing , horrible people come at any age its not exculsive or just older guys believe me i know the guy before my current 31 year age gap boyfriend was my age he was abousive and smashed my face on the windscreen of his car because i wouldn't give him a bj in public . were as my 31 year age gap relationship boyfriend waited to have sex with me for a whole year! let that sink in…

  4. So my grandparents have an 8 year gap and my grandma met my grandfather when she was 18 and he was 26. She had not had a relationship before. She was impressed that he had a car Becuase non of the boys her age had one, he was good looking etc. He was emotionally immature though and clearly couldn’t compete with girls his age due to childhood trauma. She’s always been treated as his slave and his inferior and my grandma loves him and is still in awe of him. It’s kinda sad. Age gaps in the olden days were just as harmful and using olden day age gaps as an excuse for dating an older guy now is stupid becuase they were just as problematic. Wives were property right?

  5. Sometimes I hate what shallon says about poor people, humble and unassumed people that work like waiters or cleaner, she likes to walk all over these people, saying that they are not quality men. I am poor, in my 30's, I am waitress, my mother is a housework and my father retired, I'm not ashemed of say this, and I'm not ashamed of get to know and give a chance to a waiter or cleaner or even unenployed man, since he's responsible and is looking for a job, since he's a man that respect me, and not a Scott something, that despite the money is a trash. Remember also that the world needs waiters, to serve people like shallon on the table.

  6. If I remember correctly Kourtney was actually gonna break up with Scott when Mason happened because I always felt like he was digging his claws in & then eventually Kourtney doubled down on creating a family to justify it.

  7. the playing fields are so different, can we even say its consensual. Like would Monica and Bill Clinton… did she really have a choice?

  8. Whats also creepy is how the Kardashians love Scott even more than their own sister, Kourtney. They celebrate Scott like he's a god. Kris is babying him and making him soup. Khloe does a show with him. Everyone says he's this great guy for maturing but bash on Kourtney for her life choices or when she cries over where she's at in life.. Such a double standard.

  9. she’s my age and i honestly don’t see myself dating someone this age even though i’m an adult

  10. Let them be plz wtf they're adults and she has strict parents, who are fine with it now ( and if he was that bad for her, they wouldnt still be toguether by this Day)😪 and he changed a lot and doenst need supervision anymore, he really wants to be a good example for His kids whom mean the world to him

  11. I really like your channel and videos ( so, this isn’t a hate comment ) .. it’s true Sophia and Scott have a 16 age difference ( not saying it’s good or bad ) but you have said in previous videos you like 20 yr olds and according to google you’re 35 . Not sure how old your bf is but I remember you saying in the early twenties . So isn’t that approx 15 yr age gap which is similar to Scott and Sophia .

  12. Not to mention she is biracial and done a lot of work look like a white women. The mindset it takes to live racially passing lends itself to other kinds of compromising personal relationships

  13. Can you do a video on how can an age gap be right with a young woman and grown man? I think for me I’ve been thru a lot of adult type trauma that caused me to live out all the things young people do, the rebel stuff, and now I’m more focused on career building and self building. So I would expect to date an older guy who is doing the same and is kind of done with the rebel stuff.

  14. I'm a new subscriber Shallon! Love your content! I was once asked if I'd go on a date with a guy in his mid 40s even though I'm 24… I declined as I think that is way too much of an age gap. I know age gaps work for some people, but I feel like we would be in two completely different stages in life and it would just be so awkward and wouldn't work out.

  15. love you shallon. Scott does feel loved from Sofia. Kourtney is very cruel and with holds her love for whatever reason . Sofia shows him love happiness fun. Kourtney with any man wants to wind them up make them feel small she wants to be adored Kourtney is incredibly cruel. Sofia is a genuinly kind woman who Scott can actually see a future with. Kourtney needs to see a councillor over the fact she wasnt born as kim k she hates kim so much because of her beauty and succedd thanks goodness Khloe was able to finally see how Kourtney was. she is indreibly cruel.

  16. I date someone who is 6 years older ( He’s 24 and I’m 18) and he seems really sweet but I’m not sure if he wants a relationship or sex😅 He cares about the age a lot more than I do and he already talks about the future even though we only know each other since like 2 weeks. We met each other drunk in a club and had sex the third time we met so I was kinda sure that we are only gonna have a sex thing but now I’m not sure anymore🤷🏻‍♀️ I don’t really wanna catch feelings but I don’t know if I can prevent it if he keeps treating me like he is😬

  17. Honestly, how do women have the stomach to date much older men not to judge but its different if you genuinely like someones personality and they just happen to be older/younger. But this is not the case Also Scotts not hot (plus his cringy voice) and had a terrible rep on tv. Most age gap relationships are not stemmed from love/frienship but is instead about sex and status cause i doubt scott can relate to 19 y/olds in general thats why he most likely doesnt have any friendships (platonic) with younger people. In my opinion he may not be a paedo but he def is an Ephebophile (history of going after teens) who doesnt want to go to jail so he stops at the earliest 18 y/o mark.

  18. WHERE WERE YOU when my 18 year old ass was "Dating" (LOLOLOL) a 30 year old man and my mother acted as if it were okay and older?! ilysm

  19. I was 18 when I meet my 38 year old ex he lied and said he was 28 I ended up being so controlled and impressed by him that we got married and had a kid huge mistake sickening he just wanted to take my youth and control me

  20. I don't think is Scott only in this situation.. Sofia is not an Angel, she love older guys.. She like sugar daddies.. So.!!

  21. okay, so we know why kourtnety liked scott, why sofia likes scott, and why scott likes sofia, but why did he liked and dated kourtnety for so long?

  22. this lady talks a lot of shit but she clearly can't find Love and a good relationship herself and its pretty clear that she has a shadow obsession with Justin Bieber. She wants to be with him but feels like she can't so she has to focus on analyzing other peoples lives and talking shit about people. Sorry you're so sad and lonely.. I can't imagine a man who would Love someone who has to create a facade that she knows everything and like she has it all together… when she is so incapable of being vulnerable herself. I hope you get some help and do some shadow work and look at yourself. Love can be a beautiful thing but you have to Love yourself first.

  23. I’m 59 and my boyfriend of 4 years is 20 years younger. I think the age difference depends on the couple and in our situation it seems to work😊

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