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RIOT? RIOT? RIOT? RIOT? RIOT? RIOT? RIOT? RIOT? RIOT? – Journey To Challenger | LoL
RIOT NO! RIOT NO! RIOT NO! RIOT NO! RIOT NO! RIOT NO! – Journey To Challenger | LoL

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41 thoughts on “RIOT? RIOT? RIOT? RIOT? RIOT? RIOT? RIOT? RIOT? RIOT? – Journey To Challenger | LoL”

  1. Loved your video!

    Please try this game out

    Steam Version:


  2. That 2nd game screams what I hate about solo queue drafting. Legit. Why fucking pick Gangplank when your team has no frontline. The stupidity in even high diamond games knows no bounds. Remember…this is DRAFT mode. Try flexing picks to match your team comp so you can have higher win rates.

  3. lmao Wukong ulted you, and you tanked like 300 hp worth of the damage, let him ult a SECOND time to get you down to execute rage for his Q… and THEN you flashed, died, and raged as though that wasn't just a hard misplay by you. I've been watching you for legit like 4 years and your attitude (and gameplay) hasn't changed a bit. I'm counting the days before you have a GBay99-esque meltdown and switch to retrospective videos because you refuse to improve your mindset.

  4. Dude this si why I stopped playing they need to fix this stupid system where you lose three to two games worth of lp if you lose, stupid af

  5. Red just make a new account to continue the journey on, Riot isn't gonna fix it. Your current acc. is cursed.

  6. I LOVE how you have to lie for RIot…Because that set of skins "Odyssey" are REALLY ugly and bad. It's just a really bad design.

  7. you have a 48% win rate and are in d2, i've got a 49% and im in g3, so lets not complain too much about how your lp gains and losses are going

  8. I truly feel sorry for you that u are forced to keep playing this game. Imagine how awesome your job would be if the 1 game u earn ur living off of wasnt completely toxic trash lol

    I dont care if I make less than u. I'm working from home now anyway and, while my job can be frustrating, it is 100% for sure no where near as cancer as my few years playing this game was

  9. 1 lose = 2 wins seems fair and they want people not to tilt and have a "friendly" team game environment they are not even making it easy from their part

  10. this so much what . Why riot the most played game is soooo punishing for losses while wins give diminishing returns and sometimes these loses are completely coin flip .. lvl 1 cheese boom game unplayable and you get penalized so hard for it . I really think the gains and loses should mirror on how you played based on a scoring system like cs /wards/kda towers taken/lost, objectives taken/lost . Not like flat out yeah your team sucked while playing against lower elo . How is it my fault when my higher elo team mate is tilted from previous game running it down after 3 early ganks. Even if I played it perfectly I get penalized for maximum LP and when I int and someone else carries, I get maximum same LP even when I played bad. And having this happen to you is sooo frustrating . A couple of years ago when I was in EU W I came across a couple of smurfs who held the game hostage for 156 minutes. They allowed neither side win or lose. Eventually the enemy team players just closed client and left and they are going to be penalized for it . Such people should be characterized based on their CSD and KDA and not based on rank !!

  11. I mean this would be shit if it was only you but literally everyone else climbing from D1 to Masters has the same LP issue. It's well known you have to win streak to get there which means you have to hard carry games (like Lilia did game 1)

  12. It's kind of discouraging to climb when you win two games and get 24lp only to lose it in one game. That's kind of a problem considering that one game where your team or yourself can just fuck up and cause a loss. Is it even worth climbing ranked at that point?

  13. That is kind of fucked up tbh, mmr typically counts in your winratio so u win 1 game u get for example 15 lp, if u win one more in a row you should be getting 16, that way they make sure 90% winrate smurfs dont stop for a long amount of time in silver gold elo. That is the reason mmr exists in the 1st place. SO WHY IN THE ACTUAL FUCK DOES RICHBOY WIN 1 GAME GETS 12, WINS ANOTHER ONE IN A ROW AND IT NOT ONLY DOES NOT GIVE MORE BUT ACTUALLY GIVES LESS??? RITO?

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