Almost everything we own and use, at some point, travels to us by container ship, through a vast network of ocean routes and ports that most of us know almost nothing about. Journalist Rose George tours us through the world of shipping, the underpinning of consumer civilization.

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35 thoughts on “Rose George: Inside the secret shipping industry”

  1. In India I asked one of my neighbour : do u know what can be the max. Size of a ship, he said approx 100ft
    I laughed and said: its approximately a half kilometer
    He said : are u drunk

  2. I am a Seafarer & I am very much Impressed by the Passion with which the Speaker conducted her Eloquent Speech. Lots of Regards for Enlightening people across the World about this Crucial Industry…

    -Proud Seafarer from India.

  3. What she said was true. I was a seafarer and had stopped sailing for 7years now. I am missing the Maersk ships. My last ship was Maersk Kendall's sister, Maersk Klaipeda.


  5. Anyone considering booking passage on a freighter? Don't hesitate – just DO it. I was on a small container feeder Rotterdam to Hull and back – 3 days. No pirates on that route – great ship and crew, more than decent food.

  6. Good lecture until she started talking about carbon emissions and shipping noise. Typical yuppy complaining about everything

  7. Don't say "Our sea blindness" say "My sea blindness". Most people in the world are well aware of everything this speech contains. Some few are very sheltered.

  8. My theory is that only the highly educated elite are unaware of this. Most people in America know that most all products are made overseas and they certainly know that they don't arrive in America by airplane.

  9. 2:00 hehe thats funny but true, just saw that ship today up on top of a hotel 🙂 im an electrician by profession from south africa, i have seen how shipping has revolutionized singapore. When you say shipping to a common person they already think DHL or FEDEX

  10. For all of you gaining nothing from this video, shipping industry is the most important industry out there and the companies run on losses, dont you think thats a cause for concern?

  11. What she's trying to say is how much we are dependant on the shipping industry. If this stops working you wont get 90% of your food( not really, but you get the idea). This industry to should be seen as a top industry, not something that people just know about.

  12. Thanks for this. One thing that has changed – the entire industry is required to use low-sulfur fuels (or LNG vessels or scrubbers) starting in 2020 (IMO 2020 rules). The infrastructure changes have already begun, so the level of pollution created by shupping should decrease very meaningfully in the near future. Estimated annual cost for this change is $60 billion.

  13. Nothing secret about this industry. I may seem that way to someone who doesn't know
    The business.
    Like this talk for example.

  14. The average container ship moves about 30 feet per gallon on bunker fuel burned. No way it that sustainable. But whatever.

  15. Interesting talk. This is, however, a bit misleading of a title. There are few secrets here. Also, she very briefly touches on the management of the companies who have allowed people to remain hostage. Then, does not give the reasons or reasoning behind those decisions. It would be interesting to know more about what makes (or made) this a workable strategy and/or management decision.

  16. The cost of internet on board my last vessel was $308 for 1 GB Usage (that is for those who end up on ships where they have to pay for their internet)

  17. 1:06 yes that is astonishing that you didnt know that. after you said that, i knew you are aiming this towards morons and not an audience with any common sense.

  18. We've had shipping for hundreds of years, and suddenly now it has become a problem for whales? Perhaps they are just supposed to go extinct.

  19. I cannot imagine how my grandfather handled his homesick on his time..they were onboard for 2 years without any updates to his family..lucky for us now we have internet that i could video call to my wife and kids..this is so true to us Filipinoes that we call it a dollar for homesick.

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