This RPC Authority wiki reading is about RPC 033 “Strangle Loved Ones or Pay Money”. RPC-033 is a downloadable smart device application titled ‘Your inner A.I.’. RPC-033 appears on various online application stores for platforms developed by companies including Apple, Android and [REDACTED]. RPC-033 is often bought unknowingly by users, appearing as a different application than advertised, often appearing as an (at the time) highly popular or frequently downloaded application. Upon opening RPC-033, a yes or no option will be displayed along with a message reading ‘Everything you don’t do from here on will be of your own doing. Accept?’. Selecting yes will grant the user access to RPC-033. RPC-033 cannot be deleted by regular means once this has been selected.

Table of Content:
00:00 Introduction
00:54 Description

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12 thoughts on “RPC-033 Strangle Loved Ones or Pay Money | Object class: beta yellow”

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  2. Who ever thought this one up was either a evil genius or a sick b—–rd.
    Either way this is someone's dream cash flow (take your pick)

  3. Посмотрел, прикольно, не останавливайся, продвигай канал и дальше) а для раскрутки вы юзали сервисы типа Вибум? промокод E1297990 еще работает?

  4. Could someone tell why this rpc is classified as beta-yellow?
    By the way, keep on with the hard work my bro, your videos are very enjoyable.😎

  5. Ah man those poor A.I.s this was a really well written Rpc. I'm honestly really impressed by it and happy that this kind of thing never existed here.

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