First of all, I have no idea why the video and sound quality are so horrible in this video! I had no way of telling it was bad while streaming, so I couldn’t do anything about it. I blame YouTube! haha. Either way, sorry! Second of all, if you can get past the bad sound, you’ll get my LIVE review of the limited edition Salted Caramel Pepsi. I found it at Target and I’ve heard people seeing it at Walmart. It took me a lot of Targets until I found it, so I wish you the best of luck if you’re on a mission to try it!

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38 thoughts on “Salted Caramel Pepsi”

  1. Since the comments on most of her videos are turned off bc she does the reviews with her Children (which is awesome) so in hopes of Angie sees this I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she’ll be back soon doing her awesome reviews! I’m never a fan of food & drink review channels but in every video she makes Angie keeps it casual, interesting, funny, & informative as well as honest non biased opinions which in some food channels sadly isn’t possible bc a lot of the younger ppl doing food reviews seem to always believe in money & will sell out to any restaurant that offers them cash for positive reviews. That act of selling out of alone makes their whole channel useless and it shows the person(s) who own the channel are all narrow minded, greedy, ignorant, and clueless of how things really work in life.i doubt she’ll see this since the video is 2 years old but just in case she does somehow I’ll say ANGIE!! PLEASE COME BACK AND CONTINUE DOING FOOD & DRINK REVIEWS WITH YOUR CHILDREN!!! I’ve gauged for myself some of the new limited edition food & drinks that come out & I think look & sound but don’t necessarily wanna spend $5 higher or lower in some spots to try so I always waited for you to put a review out b4 buying! The ONLY 2 food & drink review channels that I 1000% believe are giving truly honest reviews with a straight up no bs opinions! So 1 those 2 is you obviously & the other is “Report Of The Week” aka “Review brah!

  2. I remember that flavor…I was so excited to try it but was disappointed by the flavor…not a fan of it, but I loved loved loved the Cinnamon Pepsi…I hope they bring that one back!

  3. Hey Angie, We are waiting for your DIET COKE Unusual flavors LIVE, it's for TODAY ???? And at which time ? I'll send you a little message, See you and have a Super day 🙂 Fab your Frenchee friend…

  4. We should all be thankful everyday, that we get to watch one of the most beautiful women on the planet review popular food items we all love to indulge in!

  5. It was soooooooooo nasty.  Angie come check us out on the JJ: Happy Thxgivin, bro neil

  6. Review the Arby's half pound roast beef sandwich or half pound roast beef n cheddar. Saying sometime after thanksgiving

  7. It tasted like a regular Pepsi, unless I took a big gulp, but then I got a nice caramel aftertaste. I actually enjoyed it. I found it at an Albertson's.

  8. Always enjoy your videos! Happy Turkey Day with the Fam and the Dogs! With only 6, will there be a “kids table”?

  9. I have to know how you end up with 12 dogs at a small gathering like that. Side note: 12 dogs is a dream Thanksgiving for me. 😀

  10. You only had 25 people because you do your live stream when most people are at work. If you dnt mind me asking how old are you ?

  11. Noooooo! It’s horrible! One sip and it was in the trash, and I hate wasting soda so that’s how much I didn’t like it, couldn’t even force myself to drink more

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