Walkthrough of Samurai Warriors 3
Developed by Tecmo Koei, Nintendo, Omega Force

Story Mode
Character: Hanzo
Stage: Chapter One: Escape Through Iga
Difficulty: Normal

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20 thoughts on “Samurai Warriors 3 Walkthrough PT. 1 – Escape Through Iga (Hanzo's Story)”

  1. Another thing is the the historical Hanzou wasn't actually a ninja. Being a ninja was his pastime hobby and he was a spear-wielding general first and foremost.

  2. Pretty good gameplay but your voice is a bit whiney. That coupled with the bitching about the game is unbearable. Sorry brother.

  3. I heard the slower speed on the wii was due to make it compatible with players who wanted the "swinging" control of the nunchuck so animation could "keep up" with the player, course I don't own a Wii so I don't know, all I know they made SWZ3 and Empires for PS3 and DIDN'T release both for North America, it just seemed Koei based SW3's success on the lackluster Wii release and withheld them. Goes to show making a game nintendo exclusive when it wasn't originally, not the best idea.

  4. And I know what you mean by "slow", when playing it, hitting enemies seems to slow it down, I have noticed that myself. That isnt in Dynasty Warriors 7 or WO3.

  5. The problem Koei had with this game is it was on the Wii only, and Nintendo published it in the West. That means it was up to Nintendo to get them out to stores and advertise they game. They failed on both counts. On release day, this game was not in any stores in my area, and we tried 5 different ones, and I had to get it online. The game itself is great, I LOVE it!

    On the subject of SW4, it sounds like it will be quite extensive, thats why its nearly 2 years until the Japanese release.

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