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22 thoughts on “Saturday night lee min ho and kim go eun goes to married”

  1. Really so i agree with that kim is cute and charming while min ho is cute and lovable why not, express more love to each other like you both as a true couple…

  2. Leeminho znajom z Seoul korea Lee Min Hoo l Facebooka prywatnego do korea Seoul Lee Min Ho love prywatnego do korea Seoul Lee Min Ho love prywatnego do korea Seoul Lee Min Ho

  3. hello, completely false, I don't know where you will get your so-called information, but they are not going to get married because they are not in a relationship. they are only friends and they only see each other for work.

  4. I remembered this Lee min ho bringing his flowers it is in the Legend of the Blue Sea drama hahahahaha editte pa more

  5. Kim Go Eun is truly beautiful and charming by her simplicity and that's make her more lovable..they are very cute couple with Lee Min Ho..yes, this is what i am praying for..for them as couple in real life🙋🙏❤❤❤

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