This SCP Foundation wiki reading is about SCP 3288 “The Aristocrats”, a very dangerous breed of human who seeks to replace humanity with their own and also use people as food. Seems to have originated from the House of Hapsburg. TheRiceandCake as Dr. Elizabeth Varga.

Charcoalman provided much of the artwork for the SCP 3288 video

Table of Contents:
00:00 Special Containment Procedures / Description
05:54 Field Logs
18:52 SCP-3288 Alpha Interview Log
25:53 Excerpts from the journal of Leopold I
34:22 Addendum 09/23/2016
35:22 SCP-3288-6971: Interview Log (09/24/2016)

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32 thoughts on “SCP-3288 The Aristocrats | Object class keter | humanoid / predatory / reproductive scp”

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  2. Not only is this my favorite R rated SCP but the additional work that was put in so we could understand the historical and cultural context. Wow just wow.

  3. if Attack of Titan was a British book series the Titans would take the forms of the Aristocrats in my mind

  4. If and when this channel gets big enough, this video needs to be redone with Gilbert Gottfried reading it.
    After all, IT"S THE ARISTOCRATS!

  5. I knew a girl in Utah that had heterochromic eyes (one blue and one green). She said it unsettled most people but I suffer from asperger's syndrome and I don't like looking people in the eye's, so I didn't notes it until she pointed it out. It didn't bother me one bit, maybe I should have tried to hold onto her a bit tighter.

  6. "And tell me… when everyone is an aristocrat… who will serve you? And what or who then will you eat? Your plan ends with slow, painful starvation."

  7. i'd like to see simpler symbols for the classification they are too flashy and complicated compared to the simple scp logo

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