Make precise selections in the Timeline panel and delete clips, lift clip segments, and close gaps from your sequences in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Learn more …


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15 thoughts on “Select, Delete, or Ripple-Delete Clips in Premiere Pro | Adobe Creative Cloud”

  1. I just moved from Final Cut Pro and all those things in Premiere are very confusing to start. This video is so helpful. Thank you

  2. so how do you fix the ripple delete? it's ghosted out when I right click to delete ripple. Even SHFT + Delete doesn't work… help

  3. Linking tracks and using alt is such a fantastic tool. Been trying to figure it out for a while. Alt c, alt n, alt v, etc., it is really useful for many functions. This is saving me a ton of time now!!!

  4. Very comprehensive on Ripple-Deleting clips. @6:19 I finally got the reason why sometimes Ripple-delete is disabled (grayed out) and now I know how to solve this.
    GREAT tutorial !!!

  5. OMG !!! I`ve been looking for the "close gap" function for more than 10 years ! And there it is . Finally !!! WooooooW

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