Shallon Lester is a regular contributor to The Wendy Williams Show, OK!TV and The Daily Mail.

She is also a time published author (“Hot Mess” and “Exes and Ohs,” Random House), MTV reality star (“Downtown Girls”) and Senior Editor at Star magazine. She’s also a dating expert and star of’s viral kissing tutorial series which have garnered over 700 million views.

Follow her on Instagram, Twitter & Snapchat @ShallonXO.


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22 thoughts on “Shallon Lester Hosting Reel”

  1. Shallon you are seriously the only one on youtube I found who gives honest and good dating advice. Keep it up! You also say stuff women secretly know but don't want to hear. I admire that!

  2. Hey shallon so lately I've been kind of depressed because I'm almost 20 and still don't have a boyfriend and I'm starting to really feel like I'm cursed or something I know it's silly but like wtf none of the guys I've ever liked ever liked me back and it's not like I was going for the Channing Tatum look a likes either some of them were actually what below average! I don't think I'm super beautiful but I wouldn't say I'm horrific either. Also can you maybe make a video on how to get guys to be interested in you over social media like Instagram.since I'm not in school anymore and there's not many guys I'm interested in at this small town in from I like to try to get to know new people but how do I approach it to where they will actually be interested back

  3. Aww congrats Shallon on everything!! This video makes me so happy. I've watched you since my freshman year in high school when I searched "how to kiss" and now I'm a freshman in college and I've watched every video of yours. You honestly give the best advice ever and I cannot thank you enough for helping me throughout the years. My friends ask me for advice a lot and I often send them links to your videos because nobody does it better than you. Lots of love for you Shallon, keep doing what you're doing 🙂

  4. +Shallon Lester I've friended you on google+ and also I have a question that has been killing me and I can't find advice anywhere. There's this guy that I've known for about 3 years now and we are the best of friends, he tells me everything and I return the favor but now I'm kinda of having feelings for him (I'm 15 by the way) I feel like I've felt this way for him for a long time but couldn't admit it to myself, he's said he was in his words "in love with me for 2 years" but after telling him this year that I like him he got a girlfriend the next day and he's acting like I never said anything.. what can I do ? you inspire me and love your advice please help me girl

  5. I have a question😊

    At first…thank you 💕

    because of you I get a lots of more self confidence and your advice are very helpful ❤👏and you look so pretty in dresses 😍

    I am 16 years old and from Germany😞
    and I have no Idea when I stand in to a group of boys or in to a group where my crush also stand how to behaviour…can you please help me ?😓
    should I say something or be quite ? what should I say or do
    have you any Ideas? 😦❤

  6. can you do a video about " how to teach a boy who has broken your heart" i know you shouldnt play with love but just a little lesson for a player would be nice right 😂 sorry for bad english, greetings from poland!

  7. Hey Shallon I really need some major advice! So I am a 19 year old openly gay guy and I have the biggest crush this guy who is 24. He is super sweet and he treats me way Differently then his friends and puts my wants and needs first idk if he is gay, he talks about girls sometimes about dating them or complementing how cute they are. we have this special bond that feels magically and he feels the same way. And its the little small things he say or do that a straight guy shouldn't do. We spend all of time together .It's super hard to decided if he just being nice to me or he is gay? I don't wanna mess up our friendship if he doesn't feel the same way I do. Because I think about him all the time and it hurts me because I have strong feelings for him and idk what to do 😭

  8. Hey this has nothing to do with this video but can you help me I kissed a boy that I hardly knew but know quite well now lots of people say he's a player but every girlfriend he has he seems to be loyal to I really like him but he got a girlfriend the other day and he seems really happy I am happy for him but also really hurt what should I do x

  9. Dear Shallon,
    Its Me Again….Arent You Tired Of Me Yet 😂😂😂
    Me And My Sister Share This Account.
    Ok To The Topic …… i like this boy alot like really badly and we live so close to each other we can practically smell each other and his mom never lets him go outside unless he's playing basketball . and we have been seeing each other awhile now and yesterday was the first time we talked in 3 days and he said his internet was out yet wen i saw him while i was walkin to school with my friend (keep in mind we go seperate schools) he ignored me and did the same thing after school and when i asked him about it he said he thought i was upset about the whole thing n was alil upset(alot). but ofcourse i said i was ok and i asked him if we wanna continue seeing me he said of sure. But Today he's telling me he lost feeling in those 3 days n he was posting stuff like"sometimes you gotta let sh*t go and to hell with it and move on"
    i just wanna kno what i did wrong.
    or what i should do.
    Was It Something I Said?
    Please Help

  10. Shallon, you have been looking so fabulous in your videos. Please do some beauty/style videos, especially ones modifiable for darker skin tones!

  11. So Shallon, I liked one of my "Guy Friends" for a while, but he clearly liked me too. He ended up asking me out and we dated for a while, but things just weren't working out. Even though we stopped talking he is still friends with my best friend because we are in the same friend group. The other day she was hinting that she liked him a little bit. I made it very clear that I would not be her friend if she did that to me. I said it would hurt me to chose him over our friendship. She got the message but I'm not sure that I did the right thing. Do you think there is a way I coul have handled it better. Btw I love u😘

  12. Would you ever check out my Instagram I want to make sure I'm giving the right image and your like my Idol so I would love your opinion x

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