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Shopify and WooCommerce are the most popular solutions for mid-sized to larger online stores. Both ecommerce platforms are very different for you as a user and both have very specific pros and cons.

To find out which one is better for YOU, we created this Shopify vs WooCommerce review. One of the main differences is that you need to install WooCommerce on your own web space whereas Shopify already provides a hosted platform.

Make sure you also check out our blog where we have an even more detailed comparison of WooCommerce and Shopify:

Just watch this beginner-friendly comparison to find out which one is the right tool for your online store!

Shopify vs WooCommerce video contents:
0:00 Intro
0:19 Ease of use
1:10 Themes and Flexibility
2:06 Payment, Shipping and Taxes
2:55 Multilingual Stores
3:39 Security
4:22 SEO – Search Engine Optimization
5:09 Support
5:59 Conclusion and Final Score

I hope you enjoyed this video! If you have any questions about Shopify or WooCommerce, please leave a comment and I’ll be happy to answer you personally!


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43 thoughts on “Shopify vs WooCommerce: What's the Best Ecommerce Platform in 2019?”

  1. Hi, I am Robert and I created this review! Let me know how you liked it and also leave your questions in the comments!

  2. WordPress Woocommerce + Elementor pro we save a lot of money and choose better hosting company we can open many store as we want and spent just around under 550 a year but wit shopfy a year u spent like nearly 5000 a year so here i pick woocommerce over shopify

  3. Is it possible to create an online shop with woocommerce and later switch to shopify?!? Or would all your work be lost then?

  4. We are looking to build a customizable ecommerce platform (multi-vendor and multi-language) . Can woocommerce handle large scale operations? The team i am talking to says it cant handle large volues, any pointer or direction is appreciated. ThankS !

  5. I love this video and its content. Actually wanted to start a business that revolved around this very concept of comparing other businesses. I am very glad someone did.

  6. Shopify is not only too expensive when you have to pay extra for carrier shipping rates on top of the monthly payment, but also an SEO nightmare.

  7. i am woocommerce all the way, because Ive built over 100 websites with wordpress. If anyone ever needs anything send me a message at my instagram! @shanaly based in canada

  8. I've been using Shopify for 3 years now and the average cost per store I have is around $400-$500 + Gateway Fees ($1000-$5000) unless I use Shopify Payments which is a nightmare to get approved each time you open a new store.

    If you have these many fees, you cannot leave the store running on SEO so you could probably be making some money regardless.

    I've heard WooCommerce can end up saving thousands and thousands throughout the year.. since a store isn't built (making sales and high SEO) in just a few days, it takes months and years to establish.

  9. Spotify charges you per month whether or not you make money and all their extensions costs money. Woocommerce on wordpress is a freedom.

  10. I recently use shopify right now for about 7 days, it's pretty good.
    The only issue I have right now is when selling a product with monthly recurring payments subscription, with shopify apps they only accept braintree and stripe which is not available in UAE.
    I hope other platforms accept paypal directly for subscription. 😪😪😔

  11. For me its woocomerce all the way. I order hosting plan for many websites and i sell these websites to customers with woocomerce. I maintain and update them. What most shops need woocomerce has free plugin for it. Oh and i wont even go the POS system integration route. All can be done dirt cheap if you know what you are doing with great security & stability. As we all know if any of these plugins loses support they can be replaced because woocomerce is so popular there always will be something to choose from.

  12. I've lost 4 clients to shopify because of hosting issues with godaddy not handling traffic well on vps and ds. And i've gain double from shopify because of their limitations and control. If i could find inexpensive scalable hosting there would be an argument at all.

  13. I honestly feel like you heavily underestimated the open-source free nature of woocommerce and made everything about the shopify system lock-in sound great.
    Good review anyway.

  14. I spent lots of time constantly fighting with hosting and WordPress technical issues and those times I wasted I better use it for selling and marketing, and WordPress is always sooooo slow. I am not a professional web developer, so after spending time struggling with it I switch to Shopify and it's easy as a breeze ~

  15. hey great viodeo ! I'm a student in marketing and please i woud like to know how do you creatye this quality level videos (prmeiere pro ? after effects ? powerpoint ?etc) i really like this kinf of videos and i want to do the same ones for my presentations <3

  16. How could you call payment processing a draw? I'm a Shopify user but everyone knows this is one of woocommerce's greatest strengths. You can get literally any payment processor you want, meaning much lower processing fees. Shopify punishes you if you use a third party processor with a .5 to 2% additional fee. This is a huuuuuge drawback once you start making significant money. Hard to take this seriously at all considering you missed this, makes me think you don't use either and don't know much about them.

  17. I've tried both and prefer Woo Commerce, Shopify does not intergrate easily with a POS system, Woo Commerce does, Woo Commerce has a lot more free apps and plugins, every app or plugin with shopify is an extra monthly cost. You can add additional columns in the Shopify CSV, but when you download your inventory to update, it doesn't include columns you have added, Woo commerce does, If you are going to compare, you have to look deeper than the cosmetics.

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