The disgusting frame rates are fixed on the PS4 Pro. It works fine but still, garbage game nonetheless.

Also, I notice the thumb downs lol it’s expected from a blind fan base that’s been supporting a developer that has no desire to challenge themselves to create an amazing game than continue using crappy reused assets, add some shine to the character models to look cute, and releasing a low budget game which they know they can make some quick easy dollars. You people are morons. May the blind sheep continue being blind sheep.


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28 thoughts on “Short Review of Dynasty Warriors 9 PS4”

  1. This game is the marvel vs capcom infinite of the warriors series.

    PS2 dynasty warriors games> Dynasty Warriors 9

  2. You said the truth bro, as a huge fan of the series. This is the worst ever. It is deeply saddening that they done this. DW5 was the best one in my opinion. Never bought this game. I felt something will be wrong with this game by this open world thing.
    Awesome short review mate.

  3. I was so hoping for online play like u said! Would have made it a whole lot better in terms of leveling characters and grinding with friends! But Koei did not think in those terms and I don’t know y!

  4. This is what they should do ,
    They should get "DW3" use that game as a base drive, then get "DW5" infuse that. Then add whatever. Atleast the games base is more real n fun. Teraflops of data ready to be filled for extras.
    teraflop the intelligence (cpu opponents)
    Successfull game.

    They have a few generations of fans. (xbox ps2 )
    (To costly) remaster there classics one at a time $$$. Then work on a bigger project in the mean time.
    seems to me the people buy this game for the sake of it being the next volume out
    And thenn???@#$ i wanna refund lol
    Its become a disapointing game majority speaking. Alot of reviews out there.

  5. I have it I have played much of it but so far its average. I hate that you are forced to play as characters you don't want to use at the beginning of the game

  6. Just to let you guys know, KT put up a survey for DW9. You can answer questions and whatnot at the links below. (North America) (Europe)

  7. They should've named it something else like dynasty warriors world/conquest/ or some other shit, but not 9.

    It took me a while to get used to it and now I'm liking it. I couldn't even play 1 hour of 8 and this is actually holding my attention.

  8. I agree, though 8 was pretty good, 7 was amazing, and who could beat the originals…I'm a fan, but I won't support this lack of effort….

  9. No multiplayer, all generic characters look the same, boring battle,ride 30 min to get to the mission.

  10. Nah, it should have never been a open world game.
    SW Sanada Spirit is a perfect example of the direction Warriors games should take.

  11. I personally think that this game is actually pretty good. Sure it has it's flaws but I honestly quite enjoy it. I've been playing since DW 5, Sure DW9 is different, and honestly DW5 was awesome back then, but I for one welcome this change

  12. Maybe if TeamNinja could handle dw games it would be a much better ideal for the TK themselves, the current team for dw game series does really suck.
    They stopped doing any good after dw7 they tried to impress with dw8 and failed, now with dw9 and I can see … lol

  13. That's true yet it's already here and I've already paid for it so yeah it's just disappointing how they just fucked up the game lol
    At first I thought the cloning was a sacrifice for a better development but all I can see is nothing the graphics is unbelievably suck and the English voices are so cheap and some of the animation movement are honestly so stupid xD

    Only one thing I'm just wondering about, why there's no online in this game it's not really a complicated thing to do to be honest :/ after what I saw in the game.

  14. And for anyone that pay attention under comments, here is the free DLC costume code for some characters. Don't want the DLC, just please comment you have claimed it. Already stuck with a stupid glitch bug in Cao Cao story and I really don't think I'll continue progressing in this game. One of the worst DW games since 6.


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