Singapore has boomed in the last few years. A city of contrasts, the people there believe in ghosts and spirits but also live in a high-tech metropolis. Singapore: an ethnically diverse city with strict laws, wild jungle and spectacular architecture.

After its independence in 1965, the island state of Singapore became a melting pot of different ethnic groups. Chinese, Malays and Indians live here peacefully together. Forty percent of the inhabitants come from abroad. It features both breath-taking skyscrapers and colonial buildings. Here Asian culture meets western influences. And tropical nature is never far away. So, as people move further and further into the jungle with their settlements, they may come across snakes or even monitor lizards who stray into their houses in search of food. Every day, animal rescuers like Kalai Balakrishnan from the Acres Wildlife Rescue are on call to free the trapped animals. Singapore is also a culinary paradise. Li Ruifang runs a cookshop in the lively Little India district. She quit her office job to keep her parents’ and grandparents’ family recipes alive. When the rest of the city is still asleep, she is busy preparing her famous shrimp noodle soup. It is a tough job, now a rarity among the younger generation. Grandmaster Chew and his son also place great importance on tradition. When business is slow, someone’s health is failing, or a relationship crisis is threatening, they communicate with the spiritual world and investigate which ghost is causing the problem. And then they chase the ghosts away using methods based on old teachings and customs.


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23 thoughts on “Singapore – belief in ghosts and high-tech | DW Documentary”

  1. now that i finally hearing i dont like some many christians n even pastors pray ignorant prayer. they r even like this guy ritual or shaman where they pray or do their ritual to drive away bad things n drive away sickness n drive away bad evil spirits. some pastor they just try to sound good with their words like oh god they r suffering n dont even says dilever. that kind of trying to look good with words prayer is not helping god words say speak to the moutain command it to go away not try to pray long prayers that try to sound good ok some hmong pastor n and others christian n other different race pastor n all christian n sometime i ignorant too but i just trying to teach us all. god say is ok to correct people

  2. Believing in spirits not only ghosts is common in every continent and even in highly prosperous and high tech countries. The best example comes from America mid – 2020 when that mad dog US president paraded under heavy guards walked from the WHITE kennel to a church where he held his holy book high up to his head for the wild world to see his miseries and hypocrisy as to what his hidden intention was but only his mockery. Even that holy papacy also performed rituals and prayers to appease the "spirit" they believe. Thus there isn't any strange, weird or particular about Singapore in same scenario. Ridicule isn't so civilised.

  3. "Singaporeans are spoiled big city people, everything must always be modern and perfect."

    As a Singaporean, I can attest that this is definitely true! Well, to varying degrees.

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  5. All i can say is that we all being de-ceived by satan himself. He is trying to create fear and lies to devide and create reality through repetition and brainwashing the masses. They are coll-apsing the econo-mies around the world and the Cor-ona is a smokescreen for a sat-anic agenda called 060606, agenda 20-20 and 20-30. Media has been bought out, pushing lies and changing the na-rrative. All information is openly available for research and proof other-wise. Govern-ments and those working for govern-ment are trying to censor anything like they do in C-hina, Equally in surveil-lance and other dodgy tech-nology lead by 5-G.
    5-G can be used as a wea-pon and has been about for many years.
    There is only one remedy, and that is Jesus Christ only. There is nothing new under the sun.
    I highly recommend Curry Blake, DHT and JGLM for a awakening.
    Be born again and get saved from this fallen world.

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