Singapore’s leaders have joined others around the world and reacted with concern to the unprecedented chaos and violence in Washington DC after protesters stormed the Capitol. Senior Minister and Coordinating Minister for National Security Teo Chee Hean is hoping for a return to “peace”. Calling it a “sad day”, he described the scenes as “shocking”. Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan-Jin also called the events that transpired “unbelievable”. He hopes the situation will stabilise and that the rule of law will be respected.

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24 thoughts on “Singapore expresses concern over events in Washington DC”

  1. Pelosi thinks that she is the USA 's supreme leader and controls all matters!?

    The globalists ignore millions of peaceful demonstrations and just want to link Trump to the riots!
    They spent millions of $ to link Trump to Russia and they failed badly.
    They blamed Trump for the China virus!!
    They already started to ban anybody they want on twitter, facebook, Instagram.

    This is a totalitarian style takeover like Nazim.

    One Political party and dark times are ahead like Communist's countries?.

  2. Pro China communist's party and Iran hardliner regime were supporters of the pre planned riot attack, because they hurt very badly from Trump.
    Mullah Ruhani, fake president of the radical Iran regime- enemy regime of the USA, told yesterday that I'm happy from the US election results that Trump took away (like Nancy Pelosi!).
    They could now easily make more rockets and Atomic bombs and help all the middle east terrorist groups like Hezbollah and Housie to attack Israel and Saudi Arabia!

  3. USA when commenting on the HK riot: a beautiful scene
    Also USA during capitol building protest: this is a riot and the rioters should feel ashamed.

    Not so happy when your own face is being punched huh?

  4. now test the loyalty for the greater more grand battle cause
    restore rights for those present and voted who went thru more challenges than
    those who were said to be absent yet still said to have voted .

    in bahasa malaysia
    ' sekarang uji setia bertarung capai matlamat lagi utama

    pulih hak pengundi yang hadir mengundi dan lalu cabaran lebih
    pengundi yang tidak hadir tapi masih dikata mengundi '

    avoid hi risk russian roulette vaccine
    elak risiko tinggi russian roulette vaksin
    . . . mr joe Sat JAN 9 2021 5 08pm

  5. Singapore has the best system. I don’t know why only few countries are following suit like china. HK and USA have proved that their system have big flawsssss compared to pragmatic singapore or china. Thanks LKY.

  6. What has this got to do with Singapore? If Singapore is going to sold out by our government to China, will u not fight like this? Joe Biden is under the control of China. Of course all governments will condame such acts from the pp they rule. If the ppl from their own country will to overthrow the whole government like this, all governments will be afraid. So they tell ppl that this is a bad action. It depends on which side u are standing. I think Singapore had no right to comment. None of our bloody business. It is a bad day that US is sold to China.

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