Singaporeans will be getting S$100 worth of vouchers to be tourists in their own country from December. The SingapoRediscovers vouchers aim to revive the tourism sector battered by the COVID-19 pandemic. Tourism operators and hotels have welcomed the move. They said that this will help them double down on current efforts to draw locals amid travel restrictions. However, some are concerned that larger or more popular names may benefit more.

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24 thoughts on “Singapore firms say tourism vouchers will help them pivot to local crowd amid pandemic”

  1. This is a fantastic initiative to show our support to the tourism industry .Many who were feeling sad for their tourism , hotel and F&B colleagues can do their little part now to stand next to them .No amount is big or small – it is the concern that is shown at a national level to create a movement to support the tourism players. In the long term their motivation is important so that they do not quit the industry and help Singapore fight back and gear up for foreign tourists when things are back to normal. Majulah Singapura. I did my little part by dedicating a song " Singapura " to our fellow Singaporeans and visited stalls at Arab Street , Tiong Bahru , Little India , China town and many other places.

  2. Give ppl $100 also got ppl complain one, wow. If u don't want the voucher, just dont use/collect it. Taiwan govt came up with a scheme for ppl to exchange NTD1000 to NTD3000 for entertainment uses, Taiwan ppl so happy. Our govt give S100, ppl still wanna complain.

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  4. 100 dollar won't make me go anywhere, as long as we have to wear the stupid masks that give me terrible rashes, i won't go outside till the mask order is over and I'm not the only one getting this terribly ill, those mask diseases have costed me MORE then your miserly 100 dollar, beside if you look on the box of the masks, it clearly states you should NOT wear the masks in direct sunlight or rain, and those are the only 2 weather conditions we have in Singapore, so please stop this insanity…

  5. Just like a packet of sweets. Once you eat finish "Bo Liao Loh", how? Tourist businesses close a few days later. G really think $100 can save the whole industry.

  6. Singapore the world most expensive city hmmm scratch the head until Fire come out $100 bucks can do what? Other guy correct now si much people jobless retrench etc.. where go heart go play local tourist ( don’t we Singaporean’s feel whoa so shook!! Papa Lee give us one hundred bucks of our money to play important tourist to make crowded take pictures say see world tourist all come back to Singapore extra pocket money for our government hoping you sponsor Grab!! Than eat stay in stay club!! Make our president happy lah!! We should call this the $100 bucks Singapore stay party!! better say cum Sai ah Lee you so kind you all your Singapore uncles $100 bucks @ don’t say thank you next
    year give us satay gravy to smell only!!

  7. “Dream on Singapore” actually in international Financial currency al future payments must be I US$ or pounds!! Not rupiah ok? Ha!!ha!!ha!!ha!!

  8. Boss!! I go eat satay ok? $100 whoa sure full!! Maybe next year government give $10,000 each citizen go Bangkok of more holidays go find 2nd wife my new babies for Singapore

  9. Poor Singaporeans let’s go Sentosa hmmm…. S$100 bucks hmmm…. nice next day hey! Chan how you holidaying in Sentosa? Alamak joe!! I left my underwear in their casino lah!!

  10. Why cant you wait until after October school exams are over to bring this up ? Kids are now busy preparing for exams, many people are jobless, retrenched and you think publicising about being a local tourist with $100 voucher today is a great idea ?

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