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45 thoughts on “Stay Home”

  1. I gotta work. We feed our soldiers abroad and food banks across the country. Pray for us. The rona is getting close. We've lost a couple coworkers to quarantine, hopefully that's all..

  2. Hey big and rich if you guys do this video in cartoon it will be awesome and cool and funny too

  3. I live in Northern Ontario – big country fans! Thank you so much – you will save lives, God bless you. And love especially that I can dance to this great beat.

  4. really nice song:) but I still prefer DONT BELIEF THE HYPE…watch #filmyourhospital Amazing RL footage from hospitals around the world. maybe there is footage from your local hospital!

  5. DUMB ASS BIG N RICH!! (the Rich get richer and the poor get poorer!) they are Gods who step on an ant hill and watch us scramble! and they make money off it!!

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  7. If the government says I have to stay home for 6 months I will. I know humans have survived deadlier pandemics but idc I will listen to my government

  8. Wow… Country Stay Home! 🤩 Song that all the way from Malaysia for the Frontliners:

  9. Like the song. EMS worker so can't much as I would like to. So please people if you can please do if not for you., then for the seniors out there an those of us who must work. Thanks

  10. Thank you for this. Good to have some humor with a good message. Stay home, stay healthy, stay safe.  God bless America!

  11. Gamers be like: stay home? This is too ez, is this level 1?

    Social people be like: why must you make me suffer this .much

  12. Would gladly stay home during all this but I'm a "essential" employee in retail. So I have been dealing with all the people who are stupid enough to bring there entire family to the store bc they are bored at home. Stay Home people and only send one person out to get groceries.

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