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0:00 Intro
0:18 QOTD
0:48 What’s The Mistake?
2:27 Smokes
4:04 Flashes
6:31 Area Of Denial Abilities
8:38 Using Utility As A Team
9:31 Outro

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23 thoughts on “The BIGGEST MISTAKE Low Elo Players Make – Valorant”

  1. If im playing unrated im rushing a site if there a sniper spot thats where im going first before pushing a site.
    But, if im playing competive im calm a patience and waiting for my team before rushing the site

  2. None of these apply to the queue i'm in as literally no one knows what they're doing.
    When we're playing attacker, i just usually pick up the bomb and yeet it somewhere.

  3. QOTD: hell yaaa, brimstone main here! 😀
    Chainsmoke if I have 3 left, then just move from left to right having to only take down 50% of the defenders instead of 100%, or throw down a stim beacon and the entire team mows the defenders down with 4 phantoms.

    Why yes, I do like strategy why do you ask 😂

  4. I usually smoke a site (being a omen main) and tp inside a smoke and then a fake tp , allows me to easily pick one or two and clear the site.

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