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47 thoughts on “The Complete Google AdWords Course: Beginner to Advanced!”

  1. Dont want to wine to mutch here considering the price 😛
    But this guy said "i set this up already" about 5 times in a row, which is not very helpful in course when people try to understand whats going on…considering the "already set up" part is critical

  2. This is superb. Long, but informative. You've nailed it for me with simplifying setting up my Google Ads! Many thanks.

  3. Hello, I'm looking to use Google ads specifically for promoting a small liberal arts college in Berkeley, CA. We want to increase the number of students who will apply.

  4. Even though it is an old Adwords you can find a lot of useful information on campaign optimization useful in Google advertising in general! Great Job!!! 😉

  5. Please enable subtitles/closed captions of this Course. reason 1: English is not my mother language. reason 2: the speed you talk, it's kinda slow, 1.5X speed recommended. so I have to play at normal speed and it takes me 8 hours, if you enable subtitles function, it will help me a lot! thanks ^_^

  6. Google Ads is a GREAT way to spend your hard earned $$ to advertise so that your business appears at the top of Google search every time so that EVERY scam phone call artist and sales person can easily find you and call you with bullshit phone calls and run your Google bill tab UP WAY HIGH! Before I closed my ad my #'s were that for every 23 clicks I got I actually received 1 call from a legit customer….the rest were sales calls that cost me $1.25 per click. Good luck suckers!

  7. I have just started a cooking YouTube channel and these kind of videos are so helpful and inspirational. Thank you for the help! Check out my channel when you have time, thanks! New subscriber here 🙂

  8. Hi I wanted to find out if this course can guide me in the right direction for pay per call marketing in digital marketing services. Can you guide me in the right direction if it isn't, much appreciated. Thank you.

  9. Amazing tutorial Jerry! Not only I could learn how Adwords works but the most important thing was the thinking that goes behind tweaking and optimizing campaigns. Thanks a lot. You are really a gift to us learners.

  10. Hallo Joseph… the majority of this training still relevant in 2019?…..appreciate the time and effort you put into this course….

  11. You spent 74k in order to make 60k and you want to teach others?…. Yes master teach me how to make Google rich!! (Nope)

  12. Bro, I need serious help. Could you please make a tutorial for successful Display Youtube overlay campaign. I created many display ads campaign tried with various sizes, bidding, placement but still, my display banner ads are not showing in youtube videos as a overlay. Please make a successful ads tutorial for us showing how it is done in 2019. Please

  13. But Price of the course do not cover the cost of per conversion, the course is $9 and the cost of per conversion is $12.07(May 19- May 25), How to fix it? thx

  14. I' ve set up two conversions(one for purchase, one for enroll), but how to let Google know which conversion I would like to select? Thank you

  15. Thanks for sharing, and want to ask how to set up the purchase conversion(it means how to let google track our customers bought the product)?

  16. Hi, I am Nikita, I am working with one of Google's vendor and looks after various Adwords Account. I am looking for some advanced tips and insights about google ads .

  17. Hi,

    I'm glad to hear that I've come across an AdWords tutorial. Can you tell me precisely how to advertise Amazon stores on Google ads for other clients?

    Thank you

  18. Thank you or the content. Question: A little time has passed since this was created and then published. With that being said, If I use the Shopify platform which almost automatically integrates everything with a few clicks, do I still have to manually insert the code regarding the conversions?

  19. I was searching for the same kind of topic and I am very much pleased with this video. I enjoyed every little bit part of it. It contains truly information. I want to thank you for this informative topic. I really appreciate sharing this great information with us. 👍

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