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Spindly trees, rusted gates, crumbling stone, a solitary mourner: these things come to mind when we think of cemeteries. But not long ago, many burial grounds were lively places, with gardens and crowds of people — and for much of human history, we didn’t bury our dead at all. How did cemeteries become what they are today? Keith Eggener delves into our ever-evolving rituals for honoring the dead.

Lesson by Keith Eggener, directed by Remus & Kiki.

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28 thoughts on “The fascinating history of cemeteries – Keith Eggener”

  1. In my family, there is a tradition to bathe the dead and bury them in the soil in a sitting position without a coffin. And you might be horrified to know that, a priest cuts a piece of the forehead after 1 year. We plant a tree beside them to honour them and to protect the environment. This makes the soil very fertile, we have like 20 tall and full grown trees growing there.

  2. the first burry was way older than that, son of Adam and eve when he got killed from his brother, they burried him when they saw the crow doing it.

  3. At 4:17 there is a disclaimer to be made, a human body doesnt pollute the soil at all, its what people do to the body before burying it, that is the cause of pollution, just stop pumping the body full of toxic chemicals and bury it as it was, thats the most environmentally friendly way of dealing with a corpse.

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  5. I have three theories:
    1. If you walk over an unmarked grave then whoever will die there feels a shiver down their back(Ik its already a superstition)
    2. If you walk over a dead ghosts' grave at night they will haunt you forever
    3. I might be a sociopath since I only wanted to watch this for the dead people :-:

  6. Sky burials, ritual cannibalism, cremation, etc, do not show less respect or care of the dead than burials in a tomb or grave.

  7. In Greece they bury the body and after 7 years they dig the bones out & put them in a box which are stored in a small house next to the church 😗✌🏽

  8. Old cemeteries in the south of Brazil. Graves of german immigrants:

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