Ending scene of The King Eternal Monarch

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16 thoughts on “The King Eternal Monarch EP 16 Final Scene”

  1. It's a bittersweet ending for me. Everyone is happy and alive, but still… some people can't remember each other and the mains are living from day to day. They are both living their lifes in different worlds and just seeing each other on the weekends. It's kinda sad, even thought it fits. I'm just a bit dissatisfied! Where was the proposal? He said, she will be the Queen of Corea. They won't have kids, so who will be king after Lee Gon dies? So many questions left open about the future of the kingdom and the solution for their relationship is… meh. I'm just a bit disappointed. Still a great drama.

  2. I wish the ending was with her moving to the kingdom, marrying him and having children together. I loved this series sooo much but the ending left me a little disappointed. I wish they had lived a normal life instead of roaming from world to world

  3. can someone please tell me whether tae-eul still knew eun-sup and na-ri after everything? if not, why not? I’m confused

  4. Will there be a season 2? I know they wrapped it up nicely with the old couple at the end. But somehow I really hope there will be a season 2. 😥

  5. This kind of final made me tears up out of the blue! I feel that hate and love it… Well, they're happy and this is It!

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