The King Eternal Monarch Episode 13


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22 thoughts on “The King Eternal Monarch Episode 13 preview”

  1. There are plenty of comments about there actors of TKEM but I want to commend Kang Sin Jae who also played an important part on the drama..How great was his love for KGE..Great acting!!

  2. This drama proves me and made me realize that I'm not in to too much fiction drama
    Reason for not liking goblin so much, though I tried watching cause of it's popularity and here I am again watching another fictitious drama because of lee min ho . How I wish his next drama would be more realistic something that a normal human being can relate to. Anyways I still love this actor.

  3. Btw, Is anybody here realized that when Luna got in to JTE's room next to her closet there's a hanging lamp with a bouquet of flower where Lee Gon gave JTE (at ep 13 in the minute of 26:41)

  4. I Think if the Flute is joined together it will never Stop The Time or the Time will not freeze, maybe it is the Beautiful Solution that they need to know, and king Lee Gon and Tae Eul will have a happy ending 😍❤️ just my opinion,

  5. اوبالي مين هو الحقيقة درما انها رايعا جدا اوبالي مين هو meتمني لك.نجاح لي درما الجديد.له اوبا لي.مين هو

  6. Are we ,maybe ,watching something Alice in wonderland ? One of the leads is dreaming the whole thing and wakes up at the end.Voila,the happy ending we wished for but didn't expect.KES used symbolism and allegories from many sources combined , giving her the freedom to choose any end she wants.Dreaming could easily explain what seem to be time jumps and disjointed scenes.

  7. 2:26 pause.. I think PM Koo will help Lee Lim.. If Lee Lim is the king then PM Koo would marry him in order to become the queen,…

  8. 🤔🤔🤔 The scene where Lee Gon give Tae Eul flower, he didnt bring his whip. The four tiger sword must play some role in this game. Lee Lim hid his half flute in the umbrella but he has so many umbrella, is it possible he chopped it into smaller pieces?

  9. I am not trying to sound like I know the complicated history in between North Korea and South Korea, Japan, France , Canada, America. But northern Korean for some unknown reason had declear war against South Korea and there has been some difficult times in between Korean history and Japan war history and Japan history and American history as well.. All you can do is stall them and hope that beautiful person and that family does not die.

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