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❝Do you believe in fate?❞

In this video I wanted to focus more on fate, balance and the sword.

This is more of me questioning things rather than answering them. Does their fate is decided? is this why the King is “eternal”? He is destined to go on this way (and accord to my theories live in a eternal loop)? Can he change his fate? And the balance, what brings balance to these parallel worlds? Could LG change his fate and bring balance to all of that?
Also the sword. Like I said on my previous video, I think it will play a big part in the end.

LG + sword + flute = balance = fate? (this probably doesn’t make any sense!!help!)

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32 thoughts on “The King: Eternal Monarch » Fate [+1×12]”

  1. EP 11-12 theories and commentary:

    the sword – I already talked about it on my last week theories and this time I got to dig deeper in this video. The sword is very important and I think that it's probably the key for the time travel. I think that once LG get the other half of the flute he will use it with the sword to time travel.

    Lee Gon – Now is obvious that the LG we saw was from the future our theories were right! "If that door closes, I'll open all the doors in the universe. And I'll come to you." I already can see that happening and I'm not ready!
    In episode 11 Lee Gon talked about the fact that everytime that the time stops it last last for longer. That would explain why his future self left TE after the kiss in ep10. By then the time must have stopped for a whole day, just like he predicted!

    Tae Eul – her mother died of cancer, Luna has cancer. This must have something to do with the balance.

    Yo-Yo boy – I at least got some of my theories about him right! There's only one of him and he's keeping the balance. Balance seems to be some of the key words here, so what will keep the balance? What end would bring the balance that is needed?!

    Prime Minister – the PM was in the Republic of Korea!! But how and when? – from the preview it seems she was with Lee Lim- So what is her plan? I'm still hoping she doesn't join the evil side…
    Also, did she went to the future? Or knows something about it? She knew that the woman's baby is a girl.

    Court Lady – She is from the Republic Of Korea!!! I always thought that she knew more! But how did she crossed the portal? Could it be with the previous owner of the flute?

    The lightning scars – I think that only those who have crossed between both worlds, and had their doppelganger killed, have the lightning scar. That would explain why Tae Eul is not affected, as well as Jo Yeong, Eun Seop and Shin Jae (we still don't know what happened to his doppelganger).

    I still have so may questions but I'm happy that these last two episodes were more clear, it explained more things and still left us thinking!

  2. This drama is a trip, in the best way possible. I get goosebumps just reading about theories, cause they're all plausible… and I want all of them to have the best ending possible. Such phenomenal acting from the entire cast and the writing, astounding. Sad to see only four eps left, but that doesn't stop me from re-watching it when I want to cry, laugh, and love.

  3. The writter uses elements and symbols from different religions and mythology,combined.I am a christian and couldn't help but notice the christian elements.Lee Gon is portrayed symilar to God the Father/Jesus Christ in the Bible.For one ,Lee Gon referrs to himself as "I am who I am" when TE asks for ID in ep 2. "I am who I am " is the name of God revealed in the Bible.LG is also tells her that his name is not allowed to be called.There was a time when christians thought that to call God by name was a blasphemy ,they even left it out of the scripture so they wouldn't accidentaly call it.

    In ep 6 Lee Gon says to TE that he will find the person who saved him and left her ID .Because that person is either the beginning or the end of it all."The beginning and the end " is one of God's titles in the christian Bible.The writter hints to LG as the masked shooter through symbolism.

    The day of wrath which was playing on the radio when LG raided the bookstore and the swords battle after that, are heavy in symbolism.The Bible refers to the day of wrath as the "day of the vengance of the Lord" ,when God will destroy the evil,bring vengance with a fury and restore rightcheusness.We see it many times referred to as "Armaghedon" or "Apocalypse day" .I will leave here the verses but be warned it might sound rather disturbing.But this helps to understand why we had a calvary and swords battle,rather than guns.The writter stayed true to her portrail of Lee Gon

    Revelation 6:11-16
    Then I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse! The one sitting on it is called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he judges and makes war. 12 His eyes are like a flame of fire, and on his head are many diadems, and he has a name written that no one knows but himself. 13 He is clothed in a robe dipped in blood, and the name by which he is called is The Word of God. 14 And the armies of heaven, arrayed in fine linen, white and pure, were following him on white horses. 15 From his mouth comes a sharp sword with which to strike down the nations, and he will rule them with a rod of iron. He will tread the winepress of the fury of the wrath of God the Almighty. 16 On his robe and on his thigh he has a name written, King of kings and Lord of lords.

    Christians believe that the man on a white horse in Revelation is Jesus Christ,who shares the same nature and power with God the Father.

    I know the writter combines elements from different religions, I can only deschiper the christian ones.Please feel free to add yours.I am really interested.

  4. i love this show so much. im gonna have serious withdraw symthoms when it ends. im still hoping for a happy ending but i dont think that will happy.

  5. In ep.10, it looks that LG came from future to see TE and tell her his regrets emotionally. This hint explains that something happened with TE in future.
    Based to that my theory leads to ep1 when someone help the young LG. I think future LG was the person who saved the young LG, he did a time loop from future (precisely para-dox) to change something from the past to change their future. For me this is making sense

    Personally as i can see, its not a sad sending. Looks like the amazing writer keeps the audience on the hook based on future hints, but surely LG will manage to change the future by doing the time loop in a sense travelling to the past to change some event that was happened

    4 more surprising episodes to go!

  6. I really like your videos!!! Can you do one the "king and queen" love moments video with KGE 's cover of " I'll never love again " ?? KGE is a superb singer ❤

  7. I have put together a few ideas and hope you can follow, as english is not my first language.
    Could it be that Tae Eul dies ,so Lee Gon created a time loop,where their story repeats over and over again,while he tries to find a way to defeat Lee Lim, save Tae Eul and be with her? The number of red balloons in the inbetween place could be an indication of just how many times it repeated already.He time travels to different times in the past ,saving himself and leaving clues behind for his alter ego.

    1 .The drama's title is pretty suggestive ,eternal monarch,probably hinting the time loop.I've noticed that the writter inserted christian ideas into the drama.In the christian Bible ,God's name is revealed as "I am who I am" .The jews in the old times had the belief that his name was not to be called .Lee Gon presents himself as I am who I am to Tae Eul when she asks for his ID.And insists his name can't be called.

    2.In episode 6 Lee Gon tells Tae Eul that he will find the person who saved him ,as that person is either the beginning or the end of what's hapenning.Again,they used one of God's titles this time .There is a verse in the Bible which says " I am the Alpha and Omega,the first and the last,THE BEGINNING AND THE END". God is the one who created time ,space and matter,according to christian belief.He is the one who defies evil and restores balance.Do you see a correlation here? Lee Gon created the endless time loop and is trying to defeat evil,aka his uncle Lee Lim,and save Tae Eul. That christian church where they went in ep 12 has got to mean something,as he said it is the only thing that's exactly the same in both worlds.And is the church where Lee Gon's parents were married.

    3.Christians believe that everything has been preordained by God.
    Preordination seems to be a proeminent ideea in the drama ,referred to it as fate. LG' s fate is to encounter and love TE,over and over again.That's hinted in the OSTs and Lee Gon's promise to open all the doors of the universe and go the her.Also in the poem lady Noh is reading in ep 12.

    I couldn't help to notice it starting with ep 2 ,even though I thought at first to be was a coincidence.But there are just to many things which resemble the christian faith, to be ignored.I might be wrong though.

    3.The poem "Invocation of the dead" foretells Tae Eul's fate.She dies and he can't let her go.
    O shattered name!
    O name parted from me in mid-air!
    O name without owner!
    O name I’ll call until I die!

    Though I turn to stone standing here
    O name I’ll call until I die!
    O you whom I loved!
    O you whom I loved !

    No wonder he was so sad when he visited her at the end of ep 10.

    I am hoping against all odds that the writter has a beautiful solution and we will get the happy ending we want.But I don't put my hopes high.

    No wonder this drama is hard to follow.The writter wanted to do something spectacular but she has put together so many things ,from different areas ,making it to hard for the audience to follow.And 16 ep is not enough to develop and explain such an intricate plot.You would have to watch each episode 2-3 times ,take notes and research all the clues in order to get what is happening.Religion,maths ,science,poems,Alice in wonderland,King Arthur etc.I mean who would know all these things?

  8. My theory is that anyone who has the lightning strike thingy happen to them is due to the fact that their other self is dead. Which would explain why Lee Gon, Lee Lim, and the dude that killed his otherself.

  9. I was rewinded de video several times, the part where Lyl Prince was saved by the person who had the I.D. the first time. I think Is The King. After watching his movements and his hand, and the way he stands up to shut the gun, definitely I think it is him. And I think the love he has for her, can't get fulfill…. The Eternal Love of the Tween Flame makes his return?

  10. Did anyone notice that even na-ri had deja-vu about her doppelgänger and eun-sup being in hospital and in episode 13 preview eun sup says “should I tell you the secret before I die” When someone tries to kill him. I think that’s youeng who would take eun-sup’s place after heard about na-ri’s deja vu it’s just wild guess because generally eun sup freaks out in situation like that but in that scene he was looking so calm as if he knew that some one would come to kill him

  11. My ideas: The flute was used around 1950, when the parallel universe was created. His mission is to end the violators of natural law and to safeguard the flute. I think that one of the 2 universes must end, when the drama begins, the police interrogate the uncle in the Kingdom of Korea. I think the book of poems was written by someone who lived in 1950 the same as them, there was already a traveler ..

  12. I have a dumb thought but what if the flowers Lee Gon gave Tae Eul were the ones she threw in the space between the two universes?
    What if it is to somehow show her they were able to bloom because the door was starting to close? Or maybe a different reason? And maybe she realized it and that's why she started to cry so hard?
    What if she noticed everything, that's why she told him on episode 12 (I hope I'm right) she thought she'd never see him again after he had left her in the bamboo forest ??
    She never mentioned when he came and brought her the flowers, so she must have noticed…and that's why she also told him she didn't like flowers, because she fears he'll be in danger in the coming future and wants to protect him at all cost?

  13. You guys, don’t you think they all drag us to think about sad love story? I hope it’s going to be opposite. Yes there will be a tragedy but l think it’s still gonna be a happy ending or at least bittersweet. Because the casts keep saying sad love story, and all the scene so far is leading to the sadness but even now in episode 12 we still can’t guess anything other than the sadness. So l think it’s too predictable if it’s going to be a sad ending and too much sorrow from the first episode. I love this drama but to be honest l was boring when l watch episode 1-8, only getting better in episode 9. Usually, when Kdrama lead you to “almost” happy ending it’s going to be a tragedy. But right now no scene that lead us to happy ending. I think that’s what they want us to think and feel, they want to serve us such a big happy ending maybe. Because even from the first episode there is no significant happiness. I think when the casts said “sad love story” it might be not about LTE and Lee Gon. But can be Yeong or Eun Sup. That’s why if they don’t give us a happy ending, it’s going to be such a big loses for them. Because usually people hate sad ending, even though the line story is good. But with this drama, there is no significant impression or significant scene from episode 1 to 8/9 other than JTE and Lee Gon love story. So, l think they won’t make a sad ending, if they do then it’s going to be too much sorrow from the beginning. At least they can pay it all with a big happy ending but still with an unpredictable story line so this drama would be still memorable and worth to watch again in the future for peoples who haven’t watched it yet. Trust me, if they do the sad ending no one will watch it in the future because we can’t lie episode 1-8/9 were literally a bit flat and confusing. And happy ending is a powerful strategy.

    Just my thoughts.

  14. Okay there are things are interconnected that we have to take note and the writer is truly genius!!

    The red balloon:
    If you will google it, it does symbolizes so many things and one that strikes me the most is the word TRANSCENDENCE!
    Which means: existence or experience beyond the normal or physical level. The possibility of spiritual transcendence in the modern world. When you achieve transcendence, you have gone beyond ordinary limitations. Talking to God is an example of a transcendent experience. (source; google) 

    The yoyo:
    From research also: Relating to its origin. The yo-yo was made of wood, metal or clay. It is believed that in ancient Greek society the toy was used as an offering to the gods. Some also believe that it was used as a coming-of-age ritual for boys. It is believed that the name yo-yo has its origins in the Philippines. The word itself means “come-come” or “to return” in Filipino, describing the basic trait of the device. Filipino warriors also used it as a deadly weapon for hunting or battle, with the disc replaced by a larger, sharp stone.

    The Bamboo Flute:
    This is really a legendary myth in Korea. There such a history which I just learned. It was mentioned by Lee Lim that if you play it, the entire world will become peaceful. When the flute was played, enemy forces would retreat and diseases were cured. Also, the magic flute would bring rainfall if there was a drought and stop the rains in floods. Ever since then, the bamboo flute was called “Manpasikjeok,” meaning a flute that calms down ten-thousand waves, and became a national treasure. This was narrated by Lee Lim. Do you think they can still fixed back the flute into one?

    Parallel Universes
    Parallel universes as a result of time travel can serve simply as the backdrop, or it may be a central plot point. It can be explained well through Mathematics and Physics, so those who are more knowledgeable you can Einstein Theory here. 

    Alice in Wonderland: (Do the writer refer Alice to Luna or Taeul?)
    There are so many theories that i have read and worth reading:
    "I was thinking that the story may be about finding yourself, knowing who you are. Alice starts out following the rules and protocol of life and then decides runs down the endless rabbit hole (the hidden, dark, your subconscious and unconscious motives for what you chose in life). All the things she expereinces are her fears and desires in some distorted form. At one point she realizes she must destroy the Red Queen (who represents all the destructive forces within her mind) so that she (her conscious mind) is the ruler and then she can chose to live the life she wants. The rabbit hole is endless until she realizes that she is the ruler and takes her power back, and then goes back into the real world and rules herself."

    "It's all about the moral decisions we make when faced with different type of dilemmas or realities in life or in our existence: good, bad, right, wrong, evil, poverty, power, insanity, wealth, fear, death, politics, mysticism or other representations and how we perceive to deal with it . Alice, as a symbol of curiosity in the book, is always in search of the truth behind all things; keeping her rationality – despite of antipathy – intact never to be subjugated. In the end, Alice woke up from that dream to her reality, always being curious of what's happening around her."

    "Lewis Caroll was into Mysticism. I believe that the story is about the journey of the soul and it's fall into exile, into the forgetting of it's true identity, and it's yearning to get back to the "Garden" of Unity and oneness again (Alice trying to get to the Garden of Live Flowers). It's about a spiritual journey thru the underworld of the unconscious to confront the dark powers that be and emerge a liberated and empowered person who knows who she is. Alice could also be a stand-in for the person of Sophia of Gnosticism, the Goddess who is pulled into an exile in the underworld, tortured by the demiurge, and ultimately defeats him (the Jabberwocky/aka Satan/Aka powers of darkness in her own being and in the power structure at large. The Red Queen is like the dark mother, and like the system that keeps people cowering in fear of death without thinking for themselves. Alice defeats all these forces, returns to oneness with nature in the garden, and becomes Queen, Sophia Queen of Heaven where she is free of the b.s. of people who don't recognize her once and for all."

    King Arthur:
    I actually not so sure about King Arthur but I know that there's something about it because the yoyo boy is reading it. 

    Black Umbrella
    It is often an emblem of power and dignity. Lee Lim has 5 of these!

    The highest grade of these, sa-ingeom (four tigers sword) and possibly the sa-jingeom (four dragons sword – none are extant) were reserved for the monarch and could only be made during a window of 2 hours every 12 years. In Korean fiction, Heroes use this holy sword  often to slay demons.

    The entire drama is indeed mind blowing. You have to pay attention to every detail. It may be fantasy story but look at how the writer came up with this kind of story that includes some facts put together into a brilliant work TKEM! Last 4 episodes and were still like What? How? Why? When? …..

  15. I think the guy who saved little lee gon was the one from future because when I watched the first episode I was damn sure that it was Lee min ho….

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