This is only my own theory based on EP 11 & 12 of The King : Eternal Monarch. However, i still hope the happy ending for Lee Gon and Tae Eul. And once again, i’ll say that Kim Eunsook writernim will never fail to amaze us by her masterpeace.


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22 thoughts on “The King Eternal Monarch Theory || Sad Ending?! || Theory Ep 11 & 12”

  1. I think the reason why he was crying when time stopped when they were taking the picture is because everytime times tops its stops by the square root of number of seconds it stopped last time and he said that there will come once a time where it will be stopped forever so it means no going between the two worlds and idk im scared

  2. I was saying the same thing too. Lightening only strike at the original bc the other duplicate got murder by the uncle. Anyway, it seem as everytime one of them open the gate. Time pause longer and longer. The other part where he went too far, 26yrs to the beginning. He changed so much, because he put himself in her memories. Kinda like hes recreating or redo the past. But who know, the drama is so twisting! Cant wait for esp 16, the final 😁

  3. Tae Eul is going to the kingdom. So, if she cross the door until the king destroy Lee Lim, she will going to stay in the kingdom. So I have a little hope. Still.

  4. This is the curse of Kim Go Eun, just like in the goblin, they'll make us super sad an episode before the last one…… Fingers crossed please let it be a happy ending

  5. my theoryis that jong tae eul really came from the republic of corea.. who else noticed that luna and jong tae eul's mom both have cancer which means that luna came from the republic of korea

  6. I feel the little kid is gonna fix everything… at the begging he explains who he is. I believe this Kid will help the king. 🤞🤞🤞 just hoping for a good Ending.

  7. I have a theory.
    I think in the end Lee Gon will stop aging too like his uncle
    that's why the drama is titled ETERNAL MONARCH.
    What do you think?

    also the person who played Prime Minister said that the Drama is a sad love story in a parallel world.
    Sad ending spoiler?

  8. I personally think that if the flute will be fixed, Lee Gon can cross both worlds without any negative consequence. In ep.13, Lady Noh told Tae Eul that Lee Gon's grandfather brought her to Corea. The question is why his grandfather travel to both worlds? Maybe we need some history about his grandfather too. To learn more the history of the flute and where it came from.

  9. Maybe this video was made when ep 13 was not released yet. Lady noh said that Lee Gon's Grandfather brought her to Corea..

  10. I didn't like ending to episode 13😭 and it really got me thinking when Taeul gives Gon his gift and later pulls it out and I realize it's the mystery (King) guys jacket" and after he puts it on recognizes himself in it and collapses 🥺 Kim Eunsuk I hope the last episodes is to what needs to be prevented to what Lee Gons destiny for a happy ending

  11. I knew from the beginning that the one who saved the child king on ep 1 wasn't her but him because I watched City Hunter over 500 times no lie, so if I don't recognize Lee Min Ho with a face mask and black clothes I am brain dead. But I think he is stuck in time like in Faith the Great Doctor, trying to catch either the killer or finding her, the clue as in faith the book, the poem she read is Invocation of Dead, and then his why did you left me poem, couldn't it be that the old lady is really her who has been waiting for him to comeback, for the grandfather I mean, he started traveling in time changing everything now he got to his grandson and left her. The book like in Faith will be the big reveal… Or my second theory both girls are from Korea, they are related to the bad guy Lim if you see Luna disrespected him and he didn't say or do anything… Only one who has been allowed to rob him and got away, he even choked a little boy and killed another one without caring… I am thinking this all is going to start from the beginning with the grandfather married to the lady Ok, Lee Gon being a kid meeting the twin sister Luna and Tae Eul. or like in Episode 12 she asked if the door closes what would you do and he said if the door closes I would cross the universe and later we see her choosing clothes and she has a flashback of him in those clothes, he has been traveling through time and finally he finds her dressed in that jacket and gives her Azaleas, like her flashback and that is the end. Just like Faith ended. This writer likes to put stories from American or Western movies, she added the Harry Potter thing my dad saved me, o no it was me who was time traveling thing…

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