❤️Today, I am going to share with you how to make the most amazing Thanksgiving Turkey that is savory, tender, juicy, with delicious non traditional stuffing, and mouth watering gravy.

One of the key steps to achieve savory, tender, and juicy Turkey is to brine the turkey in salted solution for at least 24 hours. In addition, the stage of roasting is also very crucial. As for the gravy and stuffing, I use the turkey drips and the roasted vegetables to make the most amazing gravy. On the same note, I combine some Asian ingredients together with a few classic to make one tastiest nontraditional stuffing ever.

INGREDIENTS (Nguyên Liệu): Please watch Video for exact amount (Xin vui lòng xem video để biết thành phần cho mỗi nguyên liệu)
* Turkey (Gà Tây): 12 lb to 16 lb
* Filtered Water (Nước Lọc)
* Coarse Sea Salt (Muối Biển Hạt Lớn)
* Brown Sugar (Đường Nâu)
* Whole Garlic (Tỏi)
* Onion (Hành Tây)
* Dried Rosemary( Hương Thảo Khô)
* Dried Oregano
* Whole black pepper (Tiêu Đen Hột)
* Lemon Zest (Võ Chanh Vàng)
* Cumin Powder (Bột Thì Là A Cập)
* Stove Top (Bánh Mì Vụn)
* Chinese Sausage (Lạp Xưởng)
* Ground Pork Shoulder (Thịt Bầm): This is optional (Không bắc buộc)
* Dried Shiitake Mushroom (Nấm Đông Cô)
* Clear/Glass Noodles (Bún Tàu)
* Pine Nut (Hạt Thông)
* Leeks (Tỏi Tây)
* Celery (Cần Tây)
* Carrot (Cà Rốt)
* Bay Leaves (Lá Nguyệt Quế)
* Lemon (Chanh Vàng)
* Minced Black/White Truffle (Nấm Cục Bầm Trắng/Đen)
* Chicken Powder (Bột Nêm Gà)
* Sugar (Đường)
* Ground Pepper (Tiêu Bột)
* Onion Powder (Bột Hành Tây)
* Garlic Powder (Bột Tỏi)
* Unsalted Butter (Bơ Lạc)
* Oyster Sauce (Dầu Hào)
* Rice Vinegar (Dấm Gạo)
* Honey (Mật Ong)
* Sweet Smoke Paprika
* All Purpose Flour (Bột Mì Đa Dụng)
* Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Dầu Olive)

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