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One of the most successful business models is the franchise, but it didn’t originate with McDonald’s. Sir Harold Evans, the author of They Made America, describes the remarkable story of a beauty salon that allowed hundreds of women to own their own businesses.

Lesson by Sir Harold Evans. Animation by Sunni Brown.


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25 thoughts on “The Real Origin of the Franchise – Sir Harold Evans”

  1. This kind of comes down to one's exact definition of "franchise". In terms of Art franchises, multiple stories set in the same continuity and/or involving the same characters dates back to at least ancient Greece with the various mythologies and different versions thereof. Not the same as a business franchise, but still a valid application of the word.

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  5. Your drawing is good.
    I believe franchise with strong brand can be popular because they succeed in differentiating their business and position their brand in the right market segment.

  6. It is D-BAT, not D-Back… D-BAT is a franchise for softball and baseball practice facilities. And why are you blaming her? The narrator clearly said D-BAT as well, and I doubt he's basing his script off of her drawings. But good effort.

  7. Nice she made it almost a full 40 seconds before failing. It's "D-Back" not "D-Bat". The Arizona franchise isn't named the Diamondbats. Good job. Good effort.

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