THE TRUTH ABOUT TAYLOR SWIFT, SELENA GOMEZ & CAMILA CABELLO: 4 Traits Of Toxic Friends | Shallon @Camila Cabello @Taylor Swift
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It’s been a dramatic week for music’s leading ladies. I’ll give you updates on #TaylorSwift’s fiasco with Scooter Braun, #SelenaGomez’s drama with Bella Hadid and Camila Cabello’s cringeworthy thirstiness over John Mayer and Shawn Mendes! Plus, I’ll tell you how to look out for major red flags that your own friends are dramatic, toxic and what to do about it! #shallonlester

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Got a love, dating or friendship question? You’ve come to the right place! I’m Shallon Lester, a two-time published author, NYC magazine editor and star of Howcast’s viral kissing videos. I spill the tea on celebs like Kylie Jenner, the Kardashians, Beyonce, Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin, Rihanna and more, breaking down their relationships, scandals and psychology to see what lessons WE can learn, and give you no-nonsense advice and real-world tips on everything from dating apps and players, to family and friends!


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28 thoughts on “THE TRUTH ABOUT TAYLOR SWIFT, SELENA GOMEZ & CAMILA CABELLO: 4 Traits Of Toxic Friends | Shallon”

  1. I'm not a fan of any of these celebrities. But I really wonder what you mean by saying "I've heard". So you are not sure about it.
    And I ain't tryna mess with your self-expression

    But I've learned a lesson that stressin' and obsessin' 'bout somebody else is no fun.
    Ms.Swift taught me this.

  2. did she really just said that selena was the worst?? sis who do you think you are, selena is an icon you are a nobody bye

  3. You are exhibiting the same behaviors that you accuse these celebrities of. You clearly don't like these people, not for some major misdeed, but because of some tiny infraction on how they express themselves "that irritates you". You go off on things that you don't know for sure are true, and sometimes things I know aren't fact. However, I'm not here to bash you. You seem nice, intelligent, and interesting, But, It seems that you are biased about some celebrities. Even when they are in the right, they are still wrong, because there's "just something about them" that irritates you. You seem to try to keep that negative stereo type narrative of celebs going no matter what. Its hard to give a fair analysis when your dislike for someone is so evident. Anyway, I like some of the stuff you say.

  4. Taylor, Selena and camila are NOT toxic… But you, just don’t say things you don’t know. If you don’t know them and just hear or be based on rumors, then SHUT UP. If you like their music ok, if you don’t then leave it like that. Ohh and imagine that someone just comes and takes your YouTube channel and doesn’t let you post, well that’s what happened to Taylor.

  5. 4:14 I’m actually specializing in contract law since you mention it 😂 I feel I’m the one majoring in but talk you talk

  6. Selena wrote the song "lose you to love me" so she can let go of the certain abuse she faced and got knocked down every time like can you imagine someone going to the same lifestyle he had even better after all that time u invested on him its so sad. You should choose empathy first please

  7. I finally learned, but way too many times over the years I closely aligned myself with a dramatic, toxic person. I wondered why nobody else wanted to be friendly with me and now I know. I was associated with the other person.

  8. I had toxic fake friends, in my school my dreams, my friendships become toxic, l am good friend and good , person l'm empath, l seeing ghosts

  9. Swities, Arianators, Selenators, or ANY fandom would get upset if their favorite artists couldn't perform their songs. It's not just Swifties who would go riot and get revenge on scooter. Also, Tay NEVER said she didn't have time to perform.
    P.S please get your information right.

  10. SHAME ON YOU. I have been watching you for quite sometime but unsub when things started getting pathetic. You need to get treated Shallon. Asap.

    Also dare you come for BTS

  11. Shallon u r way too toxic stop making money from someone else prblm u r not them and dear tell me one thing u r fan of justin ur authencity is shallow its ok to defend ur idols but u r slandering someone on the basis of one side story shame

  12. Because you most likely have no true friendships. You wouldn’t know one if it slammed you in the face you putrid hateful cow.

  13. @shallonlester TOXIC MALE BEST FRIENDS! YES!! PLEEAASSEE! The ones who aren't interested in friendship!
    I had a male bff who recently started ghosting me evn after I asked a million times what's wrong.. He did have a crush on me before we were close friends, and so did I. He was gonna ask me out too but for some reason didn't do it. So I interpreted this as disinterest, and accepted that he's not someone I'll be dating. And so I went ahead with his best friend 'H', who liked me a lot and turned out to be a much more caring, all-in mature guy. H told me about this guy's crush on me and all, and how he caught feelings for every pretty new thing but still liked me enough to plan to ask me out, and asked if I felt the same for him. I answered truthfully, not anymore. So, me & H became bffs first and now we're dating but we haven't told anyone. And suddenly this guy notices me paying attention and being friendly with H, sticks to me like glue, asks me out, all he while flirting with other girls right in front of me. So I laugh it off, and don't go with him. Also I can't clearly come out and say I'm dating H bcz that would ruin their friendship, even though H did the right thing by making sure there was nothing between the guy & me first. But I give the guy 100% as a best friend. Then, after a while, we go to this trip, all of us friends, and there ppl start teasing me & H as a couple.. Which was done to me and the guy before. And now, 1 month after, he's ghosting me. Giving no explanations. Flirting with every girl in sight which is atypical and weird.. He was never the desperate type, lots of attitude. And sticking like glue to our other common girl friends. And making sure i see it. That I see I've been demoted. Suddenly putting up many stories and tagging them, giving lots of public attention to them in a way that would make everyone know he doesn't value me anymore. Asshole. Wtf is up????

  14. O she really just said her own subscribers to attack Selena stands and one you not bout to attack lose you to love me, one it’s beautiful and relatable and Justin even admit he said he was reckless and hurt her. She has the right to express how see feels. LIKE EVERYONE ELSE And ummm that weekend stitch,and it sound like your being too dramatic about this and you probably know this but when you done listening to souvenir come back to me cause you really REALLY hate her,but that’s ok you have to understand people go through shit and it hurt sometimes. And you made a whole video about how to CHEAT on your bestfriend . you even said your a Halley stand but found out Justin had Lyme disease and said should haliey stay.And let’s be honest your just like the others that want to spread drama in your own way you talk about these celebrities and tell us to learn from this,but have you?.you can’t take sources and then you pick what you wanna put and your so toxic that you even claimed Selena being bipolar was for attention. You make me sick and disappointed and I hope there are better people that aren’t filled with hate for a person. you spreading their own drama but can I ask you something is the thing your doing giving kindness or drama,how to cherish the ones you held close not you, advice or bad guidance Don’t spread drama spread hearts spread love ❤️

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