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To prevent World War 3, Kim jong-un’s death is not announced.

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44 thoughts on “To prevent World War 3, north korea kim jong-un's death is not announced.”

  1. I was in training at Camp Lejeune Marine base in North Carolina when the Korean war started. It began with an invasion of the South by the North, just like our own civil war. I think if it begins again it will begin with the north shelling Seoul, the capitol of South Korea. The North Korean people, though totally brainwashed, are not the problem. The North Korean bureaucracy is. They need an enemy to direct the populations fears and hatred toward.

  2. When I see your video, many people share and I come here that you said, your feelings say that North Korean leader is dead. And you very sure bout it even God tell you that.
    Really complicated announcement
    From you.
    Girl, people die everyday that we very sure

  3. Prayers will change nothing but you can try. The world is not governed by God's will but by the Law of Karma. Lots of ppl prayed and still IIWW broke and tens of mlns of ppl died.

  4. Your so very beautiful and I listen to.all your videos and have learned alot from you…I will continue to follow you and learn more thing's of importance…Have a blessed day my friend.. 💕

  5. Why did you say near the end of the video that one powerful leader would die this year? Who might you be referring to and how did you know about this future event? I am really puzzled with what you said.

  6. KAHEVA: Your sister has a very beautiful voice and sings very beautifully. Please tell her that she is very appreciated in the U.S.😃I love you, please be safe?! GOD BLESS YOU!

  7. Intelligent and beautiful. Your so amazing to watch, Thankyou for all your informative videos. Much love from Australia 🇦🇺

  8. See Geography

    Taiwan will be taken by force to complete the 2nd eye of the Dragon

    Two (2) face dragon

    1. about to swallow North Korea

    2. about to swallow the Lion


    Philippines the Lion

    Palawan Island SNOUT

    Manila and Luzon FOREHEAD

    Panay Island the EYE

  9. World war three will happen. The War Armageddon will bring the world to Israel and the anti-Christ. That’s when everyone will behold Jesus fight against the armies of the world. They’ll see Him on white horse.

  10. Kim Jong-un's sister is still the sole ruler of North Korea.

  11. kim jong un is not dead yet,, is hiding, spy want to murder him, do you want to know how kim jong un hid,? If he dead, the next president will be more evil and monster like, better
    kept kim jong un, He has a friendly personality.,

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