Too Hot To Handle is Netflix’s latest dating show where contestants have to give up sex for a month if they want to win $100,000.

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18 thoughts on “Too Hot To Handle: Netflix's Wild New Dating Show”

  1. I really enjoyed your commentary! I also made a review about the show if you are interested in what I have to say 🙂

  2. SPOILER ALERT: they didn't win 100k, they had to split it equally. If there is ever a second season, everyone is going to be having sex constantly because at the end contestants had to split 75k between all the people left. And only one couple had sex! Cheap mfs.

  3. In fact, they make me grow up on my personal development, there's a lot of people in their situation. For me, relation with women where one-shot only mostly, never been in a long relationship, they helped me learn a bit. And I guess, for a "TV reality-show", that's better than all "TV reality-show" others give us so far. Was worth looking, anyway we are quarantined right now so…

  4. At first it annoyed me soo much that they couldn't stop thinking about sex for at least a few weeks..especially with that kind of money involved. But thinking about it..they came to the island with 0$ so if they leave with 0$ and they had a good time, that's not the worst deal I guess.🤷🏽‍♀️

  5. Why is not having sex such a big deal and the show is so fake I've only watched one episode and don't want to watch more

  6. I've just started watching it! There are a few question marks here and there but that's reality shows i guess. Nice review, you have a new subscriber 😀

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