Compilation of my Top 3 Balloon Decks for All Arenas with No Legendary Cards Needed! Balloon Deck for Legendary Arena 11, Hog Mountain Arena 10, Jungle Arena 9, Frozen Peak Arena 8, Royal Arena 7, Builders Workshop Arena 6, Spell Valley Arena 5, Pekka Playhouse Arena 4, and lower.

What do you guys think is the best balloon deck for all arenas? let me know in the comments!

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50 thoughts on “TOP 3 BALLOON DECKS ALL ARENAS w/ NO LEGENDARY CARDS!! Clash Royale Best Balloon Decks”

  1. I've been almost using the same balloon deck since lvl 1. People say I'm stupid but it works.
    1. Balloon
    2. Inferno dragon
    3. Arrows
    4. Knight
    5. Spear goblins
    6. Skelton Army
    7. Princess
    8. Dark goblin.

    I traded baby dragon for dark goblin and archers for princess

  2. I use zap(lv10), skeleton army(lv4), rage(lv5), minion horde(lv10), wizard(lv6), balloon(lv5), baby dragon(lv4), and mirror(lv4). Average elixir is at 3.4. You can use any of the monster cards as defense and you can support the balloon with the wizard dragon or minion horde depending on the defense of the other player. My quickest wins are when I push in the beginning with the dragon down first and then the balloon in front of it so the dragon pushes the balloon. If they spend all of their elixir to stop my push and the balloons last bomb takes the rest of the defense I quickly push with minions then skeleton army then I will use the mirror spell to mirror the skeleton army and use rage on it all. Another very good air defense is double dragon or double wizard but you have to keep them slightly spread at the beginning to avoid a fireball. The army and the horde take down big guys in a hurry and they are great distractions for any inferno defense. With this deck I am in stage 9 and have been to stage 10 once.

  3. shane plsss i need help. can you wrote me some arena 9 decks i have : e wiz,lumberjack,sparky,lava,bandit pls i can get over 2800 🙁


  5. I'm level 9 and i'm just fighting level 10 and 11 players with this deck ( Inferno Tower, Skeleton Army, Rage, Wizard, Ice Wizard, Ballon, Arrows and Fire Spirits) The average elixir cost is: 3.5

  6. I have a strong balloon deck that I used ever since Pekka's Playhouse and I'm still pushing at Jungle Arena.
    1. Balloon
    2. Baby Dragon
    3. Skarmy
    4. Arrows
    5. Rage
    6. Inferno tower
    7. Barbarians
    8. Spear Gobs (replace with Dark Prince at Royale Arena)

    It is a strong deck but takes skill and quite some time to adapt to. Now I'm a level 8 at Jungle.
    I don't think it will work as well in Hog Mountain, though

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